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I’m 100% with you there

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My current company signed a two year lease on a swankier office about 6 months ago. The business is small and only a few years old but having spoken to the CEO and CFO they were both adamant about having a nice central London office because of the “impression it gives” to investors, interviewees etc. Pretty weird. Guess that is true in some cases, but does feel pretty antiquated. We’re miles away from being at all profitable so seems like a reckless way to spend cash.

Anyway. We’re now trying to sub-let desk space as the place is always empty, bar the CFO and CEO. I do quite like going in, but numbers are dwindling and I hate spending the best part of a tenner to have the CEO bug me about absolute f**king nonsense in person all day because I’m the only chump there.

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Anybody got any recommendations on good desk lamps, my main light is pretty rubbish and now it’s darker out reckon I need something to reduce eye strain and think I’m basically lit up by my monitor on video calls.

Loads of the ones I’ve found are clamp based, which would be great for space but doesn’t work with the desk I’ve got.

60% of days in the office to be enforced across the whole Civil Service.

It’s already what I was expected to do but it’ll be a shock to a lot.

Luckily, where I work there’s no definition of ‘a day in the office’, so I’ve got into a nice routine of getting up later than pre-covid, doing a couple of hours at home and walking in during an early ‘lunch break’. Added benefit is most people do this in reverse so it tends to be dead by 3pm.

Two days would be perfect for me but ah well.

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I’m getting a lot of mileage out of “attend the office in person on 50% of working days”.

The tube is nice and quiet at 11am and 3 pm and I do like a nice relaxing two hour lunch break.


we were told a couple of weeks back that its 3 days a week in the office because the top man has a feeling that people work better when they are sat close together. wanted to ask why our profits were so good the last two years and so shit this year then.

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: men are too irrational to be business leaders


I don’t mind working in the office 2 or 3 days a week. However, two things I really hate at this time of year:

  1. The thermostat is set to 22 degrees. This is way too hot for me, it feels like I’m working in a sauna, and makes me drowsy and uncomfortable.
  2. I hate driving in the dark and the rain in rush hour. I suspect my night vision sucks but I find it really hard to see clearly. Doing that for 45 minutes every night, uugh, miserable.

The management philosophy of “I reckon”


Do you want to swap offices? I had my coat and scarf on last time I was in the office

Can’t start a fire without a spark


Yeah, it’s ok and fine for me (I like walking on, I dont actually do too much at home unless it’s urgent or really simple like replying to an e-mail) and makes sort of sense as my team is located where I work. But there’s loads of people on national teams that will be going in to sit with people doing completely different work and on teams calls to who they need to be anyway.

Hopefully, the unions push back a bit.

week 2 of semi-enforced ‘RTO’ 3 days a week (it’s not legal for them to track our badges here without the works council approving, so it’s on a trust basis until at least February).

Overall better for mental health and work-life balance I think but my god, i had forgotten how soul destroying it can be listening to other people’s banal wittering. There are a numnber of people who clealry don’t have a hell of a lot going on outside of work and they are loving having people around who have to listen to them


And more often than not those people are C Suite, which… is why we’re all being told to go back in.

My work is largely safe in terms of three in two home, thanks to having a role that is at this point too complex to do well at without 48 hours of quiet a week.

Oh no my lot are all recruiters aka professional chatters. One woman monologued about pumpkin pie for twenty minutes the other day


I’m a civil servant and as one of those people who moved out of London post pandemic I’m absolutely gutted about this. Means I’m going to spend an absolute fortune on trains each week. Have avoided going in any more than 1 or 2 times a week as I work far better at home and the cost savings are significant. For now I’ll stretch it out as long as I can but eventually they plan on tracking individual attendance.

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I don’t know about that. A lot of people just live alone and have few friends and family.


Fair. I think I just bristle at the boss who stays til 9pm being a decision maker for where people work from, had that kind of manager about a decade ago and he was the pits.


Yeah, I’m currently in a situation where, frankly, I quite like going jnto the office for these reasons. That said, xylo is obvs absolutely right about C-suite crew having outmoded ideas about productivity.

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