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Working for an organisation where there are people who have to be in the office, whilst I definitely don’t need to be, I’m fully happy to carry on WFH for the foreseeable. All I’d be doing by being in in the short term would be making it harder for those that have to be there.

A chunk of my job involved getting out visiting businesses too, so with that really not being on the cards, it makes travelling for an hour each way even less needed.

I work for a uni, and all of the teaching is 100% online for term 1 of the next academic year… the only argument for us to be in the office is for our student facing services to operate. But there’s no students. So potentially at home until January!

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Occasionally remember how fucking weird all of this is


Alright mini Wyclef

I’d be happy to carry on WFH indefinitely tbh, but I don’t think that will be an option despite my role being mostly autonomous (‘officially’ they want everyone back in from August, but there’s a few people that have been shielding, myself included, or that have childcare issues which means they’re having to do a case-by-case review).

The only downside I can see to it is that in my initial interview there was talk in the looooong term of me potentially expanding my team of one and managing the other person, but if management can’t really see how I am with other people day to day they might never think I’m ready for that kind of responsibility. In the short term though that’s not a concern at all though tbh.

That’s ideal. I’d imagine that’d carry on until the distancing is significantly reduced/safe right? Another term!

I truly hate working from home, which came as a massive surprise to me. I get far too easily distracted and end up staring out of the window or dicking around on here all day. Have just started going back to the office on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, which I’m enjoying a lot as I can still sleep in two working days a week. The office is absolutely deserted too, it’s very pleasant.


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Current plan is students will have the option in term 2 to either carry on online, or study in person… But all depends on what happens in the meantime. It’s a public health focused institution, so they won’t want to get egg on their face!

Bloody weird year. Person I manage only started a month or so before lockdown… has had more interaction with colleagues on zoom etc. than in person. Another staff member started in June, so all online.

Think I’m going to be WFH permo from now on. Only issue is my boss wants to meet for a coffee every month and he lives a bit out of Norwich and I live a minimum of 150 miles away.

Could send one of the bog dwellers as my proxy.

Should probably work from whichever one of your property portfolio is closest to Norwich then.

Should pick different towns in the middle in Cambridgeshire, Essex etc for each meeting and walk around looking at the sites as you talk business. It can be like the Before films, only in Haverhill and Saffron Walden.


the office is essential people only, if for whatever reason you wanted/needed to go back then you can request it and theyd set you up but so far barely anyone has been in.
warehouses are for project support only so may end up back there before the office, which is fine by me. :man_shrugging:

I have done 2 days WFH as part of MH adjustments and I’d quite happily increase that to 3 or 4 given the chance. I don’t think full-time, sadly, is an option.

Although my commute isn’t too bad (going against the majority of the footfall away from London), the time spent not having to travel 60-75 minutes each way on trains has really boosted by QoL and the amount of ‘nice’ things I can do comfortably.

It suits me nicely, being an introvert and not having the hum of 450 people’s chatter in the background and has made me think a lot about my future workplans.

I know of many people that are finding it a lot more difficult than me though, each to their own and all that.


Some people will probably want to wfh more than 3 days a week. Maybe they’ll let you be office based and let others wfh more?

I think my company is gearing up to be more flexible about it, which is good, but I’m a bit worried about being the only one on my team in the office all the time.

We could meet at your house.

£350 an hour

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I’ve been moved to wfh permanently already. Only thing I’m struggling with is the political side of things, spent most of my time finding out the lay of the land before putting anything in writing with off the record chats at lunch or in the pub after work which I currently can’t do and its making my work infinitely harder.

Any extras?

I would be looking for different type of work, certainly

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