More WFH


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Good honest work.

Makes me sad to think that those jobs don’t exist anymore.

Plus I’d love to see @andyvine in that uniform.

Beats the shit out of a klix machine

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Called in for a pint at my very quiet local on the way home that night, sat in the window looking out at things and contemplating how weird life had become all of a sudden - genuinely will be a moment that will stick with me forever I reckon

Also that was when I thought this was basically gonna be over by the summer, which looking back is a grim lol.

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We still had someone doing that job, in a council office that I left in 2011. Can only assume they were just waiting for the post-holder to retire before deleting the job.


Yes, fuck off, it is.


sort of web admin, digital document control type stuff. a lot of it comes from talking about bits of our website that we hate and that we’ve been wanting to fix for years and someone else mentions that they hate it too so we come up with an idea for how it can be better and then i go and build it, or intranet stuff that people dont realise they want until i say oh you can do that on the intranet and theyre like wow! and i build it


Ah I see. Yeah, that’s got to be easier being around people.

its basically been a year of very little work to do coz projects either got cancelled or massively reduced and my colleague that i work with has been sending me stuff but nowhere near as much as if i could just walk over to his desk and say hey youve got loads to do and ive not, send me some

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Ditto. Although five years earlier, admittedly.

The council my dad worked for had one up until about 2010, too.

She was then made redundant a couple of years before her retirement, and kitchenettes put into every office, and every staff member given training on how to use a kettle safely.

The place Mr B worked at until last spring had tea ladies. The canteen also delivered to your desk and would box up meals for you to take home with instructions for reheating, and cupcakes (made on site) on your birthday.