More WFH

Custom background of a still image of yourself at your desk, so it looks as if your cam has frozen.


Just had a horrible vision of the future

just had a big giggle about a post on here, and realised that there’s no need to suppress your laughter any more, no more “this has done me, had to leave the office to calm down ffs” type posts

a very niche but still significant downside to the WFH experience :frowning:


Another downside is that if a post leaves you ‘dying here’ then there’s no one else to help you.

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better get my flatmate trained up in first aid and fire safety asap

I found out this afternoon that they’ve upped the expenses we can claim for WFH kit, and now I can get £530!!!

I’ve been looking into mesh WiFi anyway, but now I might look at new monitors too


clean your screen, do it now, I just did it.

Mood ⇡ 18%
Productivity ⇡ 22%

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I’m gutted there will be no christmas work lunch menu choice thread this year. I love that!


It was mentioned in passing in a meeting today that we’re going to be recruiting someone who lives at the literal other end of the planet, which I’m taking as a very positive sign that full remote working will be a definite possibility :partying_face:


Are they on the other end in GMT or do they… like working nights?

Nope, almost straight down, so not much difference.

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No, she went of her own accord


The VPN/ MFA has malfunctioned and people aren’t getting the phone call they need to access emails through the college system.

I’m now quite worried about the number of bullshit emails I will need to deal with when my access returns.

No, I only brought bottles.


I wouldn’t know where to start.

Microfibre cloth? Windowlene?

I used my impregnated cloth (glasses cloth)

microfibre with a tiny bit of water is best for my screen, don’t use any solvents

I did this a couple of days ago. Used the dishcloth, and gave the keyboard a wipe while I was at it. As you say, a startling difference, but since I’m on leave I don’t know whether it would have any effect on my already anaemic productivity.

probably worth considering the idea that the 1 person might have no social life outside of work

it could be absolutely crushing if the only people you used to actually speak to have now all said they’re not interested in speaking to you at all other than when legally required to

for example, read this article that was put in the main coronavirus thread yesterday (there’s no paywall)


Went into the office for the first time since March and found milk and eggs in the fridge. The milk bottle had contracted and I had to squeeze what looked like cottage cheese out of it into the sink, and waffle stomp it down with a wooden spoon.

On the plus side, I retrieved my jar of Marmite (I’ve been without Marmite since about June).

I then returned to WFH. It was a nice day out.


I am 99% sure I left some used gym clothes in my work locker (the gym was also in my office). Can only imagine the pong.