More WFH

Getting fibre broadband next week, finally. Might be able to get through a Teams meeting without one person sounding like a dalek.

Oh I meant to put this in this thread

My god it feels good to not be working in the same room that I’m sleeping in. Not sure what to do with all this space though *gestures wildly*

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Just sent an excel to my boss where I spelled ‘Discount’ as Discocunt.

I want to die.


Yeah think I need to do this (plus have my chair on a folded up blanket as the wheels mark the wood)




Yeah it’s bollocks isn’t it.

Not just you, have to write discount quite a lot in my job and have been so close so many times to sending a memo to a senior person asking them to check the disco cunt. Why would the spell check do this?!!!

Back working in my office for the first time since March. It is just me on my own and its very peaceful.

I assume if you’re alone you don’t need to wear a mask? Or are you technically breaking the rules?

My wife’s smallish office was due back this week but that was before Christmas. The masks requirement has meant it’s been out back again

I’m all alone in my office and it’s closed to visitors (until we’ve finalised our Covid safe plan). Basically, its nice to use a proper desk and monitor and have my home as a home again!

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In this country honestly wouldn’t be surprised if you are still breaking the law by not wearing a mask :joy: