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We have a thing called High Five Friday where people can shout out colleagues (or basically apologise for being an arse all week). I started bigging up random people in the finance team and posting stupid gifs with no context or relevance every single week.

My boss emailed me commending me on ‘getting involved and being a great team player’. It is the first time I have received any praise or thanks from her in coming up to two years.



I know this is rude…but I stopped reading here.


I got to tell someone they are getting a promotion today!! Very well deserved, love to see it, warm and fuzzy inside.


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I’m in the market for a webcam as I’m sick of having to use my laptop camera for meetings. Any reccs?

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I have a Logitech C920 but I use it for streaming rather than work related purposes. never had any problems with it.

one option that you might want to look at though is whether you can use your mobile phone as a webcam - obviously cheaper to use something I’m assuming you already have, and might be better quality too. don’t have any recommendations on software/apps/whatever, but there seem to be plenty of guides on the Internet e.g.


I have been looking into this actually. I tried trial versions of EpocCam and Camo - both are great but also pretty expensive, Camo I really liked but is 34.99 a year and I didn’t think the free version was good enough.

May as well just get a cheap webcam for that money. I asked the developers at work and lots if then rated the Aukey one as a budget option.

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I have a C920, and have no complaints. It’s very easy to set up and use.

I tried using DroidCam with my phone, but it ended up being a bit of a faff to get it working across Teams and Zoom.