More WFH

MsWza has basically given up on being productive today after spending the morning doing multiple restarts on an out-of-date now-unsupported laptop in an attempt to simply get the thing booted and running Outlook. Has resorted to doing online training gubbins on our personal laptop.

Due to a ridiculously inadequate remote desktop situation, I’ve spent the morning doing (so far approximately half of) a drawing that would have taken less than an hour to do in the office. Its not just the time thing. My whole body is tense, my jaw is aching, and my mood is fucking raging, from trying to control a cursor that suffers from monumental levels of lag.

Both public sector.

A totally inefficient use of professional and technical staff? Obviously.

Because of the chronic lack of the correct tools to do the job, rather than employees being lazy bureaucrats? Obviously.

Due to underfunding or poor management? Why not both?

Just so so so so demotivated. I do my best to go into reach day and week with a positive attitude, but get confronted with this complete dreamlike state of having to pretend that any of this is normal, worthwhile or logical.

We do our walks at lunchtime, breaks up the day nicely. Trying to go for a run before work at least twice a week but that’s massively dependent on the weather or if I can be bothered…

Lockdown’s made me realise that I largely hate going for a walk. Sorry everyone.


Quite like a fifteen minute stroll just after the 9am team call.

‘Oh you thought I was gonna start working now did you, you suckers’

Quelle suprise there’s been a fuck up. I hate taking time off

Missed the at lunchtime option


Love a walk when there’s a pub lunch at the end of it. Otherwise: not for me.

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So this took forever but my remote work request got approved today! Very excited to start plotting my escape from London.

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Commuted in and back for the first time since before Christmas today. It’s a lot more tiring than I remember.