More WFH

Oh then ride the wave :smiley:

Boring statement alert - you may not be directly profitable and even though no-one wants this to happen (devs or IT) devs should imo be absolutely central to the IT operation in a security-centric world.

Yes I am quite dull.

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Yeah we have a similar thing. No matter how urgent your issue is it always gets marked as ‘Low’
There were rumours doing the rounds when the system first went up that prioritisation was linked to your grade; the more senior the quicker your issue would be resolved. Apparently this isn’t/wasn’t true, but i might try and get the rumour going again. Everyone is just resigned to the fact IT are shite, particularly the first line of support who have very little IT experience/knowledge from what i’ve experienced.

I would love to see the actual numbers of how much all this outsourcing and lost downtime due to inept IT vs the old in-house system.

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My place has just announced how they are planning to stagger the various departments being back in office post 21 June for our designated two day per week on site. My team has been allocated Thursday and Friday - PINTS PINTS PINTS!!!

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Cheers, dude. Spoke to our team’s go-to CAD/IT power user/guru this morning and she acknowledged how bad it is, and said there’s a 2019 version rollout in progress that she’ll try and get me higher up the list for. Will still be a remote desktop affair, but can at least try some new workarounds with it. Supposedly an IT refresh imminent, too, that’s being rejigged due to home/office working changes.

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I’m not often a fan of our IT department, even though I’m kind of lumped in alongside them, but the rollout of stuff for homeworking after last year’s lockdown has been pretty phenomenal all things considered.

gonna be really weird to see all the pubs in central london busiest on a Thursday cos no one can be fucked with going in to town on a Friday unless they have plans to see their actual friends instead of colleagues

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In our team meeting my boss said he’d like to get us all in the office for a meeting at the end of June, but he was OK with it when I raised concerns about only having had one jab. I said I’d probably be happy to go in as needed from mid-Aug and it sounded like that wouldn’t be a problem, touch wood.

Someone in my team is going hard on the “we should have one day a week where we’re all on so we can see each other” angle. Trying very hard to not reply “JOIN A BOOK CLUB OR SOMETHING AND LEAVE ME IN PEACE, MY GOD”


So very very happy to not be wearing a suit today.


Spent a lot of time over the weekend literally resting, as in, literally lying in bed and doing nothing at all for 30 min chunks, and feel way better for it today. Had been starting to feel quite overwhelmed, but turns out a bit of lie down was all I needed, who knew? Feel like some kind of overexerted toddler or something, give me a snack and a nap.


I am this close to curling up under my desk for a nap.

Not even hungover, rare for a post-bank holiday Tuesday, and today is still dragging like mad.

My employer of 15,000 people worldwide has now decided that the default for office-based staff will be two days in the office a week. Usual fudge around discussing with your line manager for more or less.

Good start imo.

my counter-offer: zero days in the office


finally had it confirmed that my employer will not be looking at removing the london allowance

for one year

I was wondering this as I recently discovered in conversation that a colleague who is based in our London office (and presumably receiving London weighting) has moved to the north west. He’s still officially based in a London team so don’t know how the weighting will work though seems like an easy budget saving for employer to pull it and reassign him to one of our two office bases outside of London.

I’m in the office for first time since March 2020 today, to sort some crap out before they rearrange the office (we’ll be sharing the same space with more people from September, but hot desking/only in 2-3 days a week).

Have located the most important thing to retrieve from my desk drawer.


Delighted that a survey showed the whole company wants at least 50% WFH. They’re making some kind of policy around it atm but fingers crossed 2 days a week max!


My workplace is working on a new policy for WFH. The emphasis is on flexibility. The company will try to accommodate people who never want to come into the office to people who want mix it up to people who want come in five days a week.

What caught my attention is the company will give priority to people who want to work in the office full time for well-being reasons. That’s very forward thinking and progressive of management.


This strikes me as being an entirely reasonable request as an absolute minimum, if ‘everyone’ in the company has been WFH for these past few months. Certainly the opportunity to have had both jabs (plus two weeks). To start repopulating offices ahead of that point really is pushing things into a pointlessly unfair territory, imo.

I really cannot recommend this highly enough (if you’re fortunate to be able to make things work with the concomitant reduction in income).


Is a compressed week an option (sorry if I’ve asked that before)? I’ve been toying with asking for a 32 hour week over 4 days (our standard is 35 hours) which when I worked out the difference in take home it was about £150 less a month I think. When I weighed up the impact of having a day off each week, what that would mean for childcare through the school holidays, etc, it seemed like we could make it work. Decided against it for now as we remortgage next year and want to have the slightly higher salary when we apply but may look at it again from next September when my eldest starts high school assuming job still looks secure.

I also think social distancing is here to stay for a while yet, it’s been mentioned a few times by SAGE members and others that they expect it will be needed at least through the winter. We have a round of booster jabs to roll out and a winter to test the effectiveness of the vaccine before anyone can declare covid is on its way out. So rule of 6 might go on or after 21 June for example but I can imagine mask wearing and social distancing in enclosed spaces like offices might remain which means rethinking a return to the office for all.