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Is a compressed week an option (sorry if I’ve asked that before)? I’ve been toying with asking for a 32 hour week over 4 days (our standard is 35 hours) which when I worked out the difference in take home it was about £150 less a month I think. When I weighed up the impact of having a day off each week, what that would mean for childcare through the school holidays, etc, it seemed like we could make it work. Decided against it for now as we remortgage next year and want to have the slightly higher salary when we apply but may look at it again from next September when my eldest starts high school assuming job still looks secure.

I also think social distancing is here to stay for a while yet, it’s been mentioned a few times by SAGE members and others that they expect it will be needed at least through the winter. We have a round of booster jabs to roll out and a winter to test the effectiveness of the vaccine before anyone can declare covid is on its way out. So rule of 6 might go on or after 21 June for example but I can imagine mask wearing and social distancing in enclosed spaces like offices might remain which means rethinking a return to the office for all.

For all the talk of how monumental a change it was for people to start working from home full time last year, it can’t be forgotten how much of a change would be for people to suddenly revert back to travelling into an office environment over a year later. That’s even without the fact that the virus is still very much circulating and the majority of people of working age won’t have received their second dose. If this isn’t handled very carefully by employers then a lot of them will be fully liable for the impact that it will have on the mental health of their employees.


The Telegraph (I know, sorry) is reporting that WFH advice may extend beyond 21 June (which is increasingly looking like it’s going to be shifted later, or at least a watered down lifting of restrictions) if that offers you any hope!

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Quite nice to pop your top off whilst working on a boiling day


Still not got the bottle to attend a meeting like that even when it says my camera is off. Can’t trust it.


Had been waiting on something like this:

Season ticket for 8 days of travel out of 28, between two designated stations. Priced between an anytime day return and a normal 7 day season ticket.

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Great news…until.

Can you use a Flexi Season ticket on London underground or overground services?

No. Journeys within the London Zonal Fare Area are not available on a Flexi Season ticket. You can use Pay as you go on Oyster or Contactless for onward connections on Transport for London services.

Tape over camera?

Season tickets not the same thing as Travelcards. The flexi season was announced with the Great British Rail thing wasn’t it?

There’ll probably be something similar coming for the London network, but in all honesty the direction of travel even before the pandemic was to phase them out with ever more sophisticated capping on pay as you go ticketing.

Wasn’t sure if it was new, someone at work just highlighted it.

I’m in the boat of formerly having a zone 1-2 travel card, using it every day, but hopefully soon will be out of London commuting in two days a week, so this set up is just right for me. Not sure how many other people will be in the same boat.

Same, as long as my office doesn’t move from right by the train station, this should be really helpful for me :crossed_fingers:t2:

Well some general points:

London’s Travelcards are the result of agreement between Transport for London and the Train Operating Companies. There’s legal stuff and revenue haggling to be done in order to change anything there and nobody should assume the train companies are itching to start giving bargains to anyone.

Even more than ever, fares revenue is the principal income stream for TfL. Before the pandemic there was no subsidy for operations at all, now they’re stuck with a huge debt to the government which will be milking every penny of that money for what they can get. It’d be foolish to expect any massive generous giveaways on London fares any time soon.

And finally, historically the passengers who have had the best discounted travel in London have been annual Travelcard holders, who pay for 40 weeks of travel every 52 weeks. And as a group they are obviously the wealthiest people travelling on the network. The least wealthy, those whose work is so precarious that even before the pandemic they couldn’t be sure of getting value from a weekly Travelcard or Bus Pass, pay straight up pay as you go fares, the most expensive fares per journey. So it’s not like the current fares set up is exactly progressive.

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RE your last paragraph, I really do think that the hopper fare Kahn introduced for buses was one of the best political decisions for londoners in the time I’ve lived here (14 years)

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In a Zoom training session for coaching. One of the participants is smoking a fag. Inspirational.


I am absolutely revelling in vaping my way unapologetically through every meeting I’m having lately.

Also, of course I am old enough to have actually experienced smoking in meetings as a normal thing, so it’s kind of a nostalgia thing too.


Now it’s warm enough to have to have the window open I’m learning about the vast array of different car and house alarms that exist in hearing distance of my house.

Our old head of marketing used to do that on Zoom calls. Smoking indoors seems mad now. I used to be transfixed by it. Reminded me of being a kid in the 80s.

Missed out on that - we had the much healthier smoking rooms. :evergreen_tree:

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In all honesty even my experience was mostly as a result of me having quite a lot of meetings in France and Belgium, where people routinely had ashtrays on their desks. Ah yes, smoking rooms, what a delight they were…

Not that it’ll affect me until late next year as I’m going on maternity leave on September the 1st, but my organisation have said we’ll be expected in two days a week from September the 6th.