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We’ve been quietly told that while the official internal comms say you can return to the office from 19 July, nobody’s going to bat an eyelid if you keep wfh until at least September. I don’t need to be told twice.


Got my letter through confirming that I’ll be working 80% from home until December 2022. I can either do 1 day in the office every fortnight, or stagger it so that I spend one week in the office per month. The latter will be helpful when I eventually move as I can stay with my pals (thankfully they offered before I even had the chance to sheepishly ask lol)

Does mean I need to sort out my desk set up though. Any new office chairs on the market that won’t kill my back?

Not sure about a chair as mine is from John Lewis for £50 but got one of those standing up desks on @ynot recommendation and I love it. It’s hugely improved my working at home. I stand up most mornings, sit down for a bit of work then stand up on calls. It’s definitely helped my posture as I’m not hunched over all day.

Although sometimes I feel unable to concentrate if I’m standing up :joy:

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In theory it sounds like a good idea and I’m very happy it works for you and ynot, but personally I hate - HAAAAATE - standing up.

Like sitting down yes, walking yes, standing up? fuck off :smiley:

I’ve actually made myself angry thinking about having to go to a pub and stand up because everyone else is now, hahahaha

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keep having realisations like this. ‘oh wow that was actually a bit shit standing there downing a pint while trying to talk to people’.

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Worth looking at the second hand market, lots of places sell office chairs for a lot cheaper than full price, especially fancy stuff like yer Herman Millers etc

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I don’t use the standing desk as much as I probably should, but it does help standing up occasionally for 15 minute spells as my back was getting really bad.

I also got a really good chair, it’s mainly a gaming chair but the back support is excellent.

Although when I do stand up, the chair quickly gets occupied by one of the kittens :slight_smile:

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there must be a massive oversupply of office equipment at the moment

all those offices that have had very few people in, and decent employers like mine have got everyone a wfh setup

surely there should be offices chucking out loads of stuff - if not now then soonish

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I like to stand and feel all BUSINESS WOMAN


Can absolutely imagine you on one of those treadmill desks with a bluetooth headpiece shouting instructions :smiley:


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Pretty accurate. My bf calls me Deborah Meaden :joy:


There’s no higher compliment

Workers ‘still encouraged’ to work from home

People in Wales will still be advised to continue working from home, even when Wales enters alert level zero.

The Welsh government has said it is clear working from home is key to minimise transmission rates, and will allow for more freedoms in other areas.

When people do have to go into work, “employers must continue to carry out a specific coronavirus risk assessment and take all reasonable measures to minimise the risk of exposure to coronavirus”.

The Welsh government has also said it will explore whether giving employees a right work from home could be “enshrined in reserved employment law”.

Not an answer to your question, sorry, but chair related. When we locked down lots of people needed office chairs at home so my company raided my office for chairs and delivered them to people’s homes. I went into my office for the first time yesterday, just to collect stuff, and there was only one chair on the whole floor (supposedly people can go back to the office next week if they want): mine. About twelve years ago I had some back trouble and persuaded my boss to have the arms removed from my office chair. I’ve then kept that same chair ever since, moving it several times between different locations, so I wouldn’t have to have a chair with arms. After several years the seat fabric wore holes and the stuffing started coming out. It was a state, and became kind of my signature move. Eventually I bought a new cover, but still nobody else will go near it.

And now it’s the only chair anyone can have. In many ways I am the winner. :smiley:


Our IT department have announced that if you took anything home back in March 2020 it’s now yours to keep, but they’re not going up help with it. Fuck sake, I’d have gone on a supermarket sweep if I’d known that, I took NOTHING

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Yeah I mean no sane company is going to want its chairs back after they’ve spent a year in someone’s home are they. I mean people do disgusting things in their own homes…



just filling in a form on the topic of wfh


as I’m 32 I’m slightly a big fan of this age banding but also: it’s ridiculous isn’t it