More WFH

Moved house and got a proper WFH space and big desk and now I NEVER WANT TO GO BACK.


how many of the screens are for work?

I didn’t want any of the tat my office was fobbing people off with. 1080p monitors? In 2020? Pfft.

I’m back in the office today. Quite enjoying it TBH. No longer feeling the pressure of having to be here 9-5. Used to get so stressed dropping my son to school, then running to get the train, then running to the office. Always felt like I was rushing about. Never occurred to me that nobody apart from me actually cared until this happened.

  1. iPad mainly used for ITV4.

You probably already know this, but you can use the iPad as a second monitor now with the MacBook (depending on OS and all that jazz).

Was really excited to try that when I got the iPad but the Macbook is heavily locked down and it didnt work :frowning: something to do with Cisco VPN apparently.

(Does work when I’m off the vpn but haven’t needed the laptop for non-work reasons yet.)

So jealous :drooling_face:

Ah, that’s a shame. I set it up and used it as a screen to have my email open on. Then realised, I could just open the email app on the iPad… Did feel kind of cool though.

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my work asked everyone to come to the office once a week from july. i’m loving that people are just not coming at all, and obviously it’s hard to notice, because the bosses are only in one day a week as well. just brilliant.

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They’ll be installing the retinal scanners imminently…

We’re tentatively back the week commencing sept 6 but literally no one wants to come back so it’s all “wait and see, no reason to rush”.

Boss got rid of the office on like week 2 of lockdown 1.

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Site management have now emailed round saying, in effect, the govt are a bunch of clowns, are you fucking kidding me, we’re not changing site status on 19th July just because they picked a date out of a hat, if anything the local situation is worse than before, fucking hell, keep away from the site if you can you bunch of plague rats.



Anyone got any good tips on working in a tiny space at a tiny desk?

Same for us this morning. Nobody expected back in until we’re piloted new ways of working and made some decisions

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You’ve got two laptops and an additional keyboard on your desk. Is it possible to get a larger screen and a dock (or put your laptop somewhere else?) which will free up your desk space a lot more?

A laptop arm that attaches to your desk might be a better method? Although you have a drawer so that might not be as easy to attach.

I’d also consider a second desk (or a table or set of drawers) to make an L but not sure you have space for that?

Finally I’m not keen on having the keyboard without some wrist support so would try to have the keyboard further back. The raised laptop stand looks good for having standing meetings and calls and things. I try to stand up as much as possible, especially on calls or presentations


All useful considerations thank you. I will be using a separate monitor soon and probably see about keeping main laptop on a separate surface in the same room (L shape configuration not possible - there is a door to the left and a wardrobe to the right).

The second laptop can actually be kept elsewhere when I’m not using it (I try to keep work and research separate).

I also try to stand for calls and presentations (being 5’7" my fridge actually works as an acceptable standing desk)

For wrist support do you have any recommendations?

more cat pictures etc. would also help make this set up a bit more professional

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It looks like your desk chair has become sentient and is dealing with your work for you, so that’s a good start.


So my work seem to just be getting people back because the government are no longer saying wfh. Don’t worry about cases or anything, just what the government says :joy: