Morley's chicken shops

Y / N?

Realised there’s one just round the corner from my flat, and I’ve never been there. I understand it’s a south London institution, so I might have to give it a go. What say you?

South London?

Don’t go there, pal.

Big yes.

Price has shot up in the last few months. Paid £2.80 for six wings and chips at the Brixton Hill branch on Friday night, previously unheard of expense.

'kin Brexit

I live there, Theo.

What do you recommend? Wings? Ribs? Other? A combo of some kind?

I have an evening to myself tomorrow, it might be the time to dive on in.

But I don’t go there, pal.

Hot wings and chips is the classic. Burger sauce for dipping (not all over, I’m not a monster). Apple Tango to wash it all down and a Rennie for the aftermath.

Used to love the variety combo: wings, a piece o’chicken, ribs and chips. Rib sauce getting all over everything, great.

I’m legit excited for this.

don’t like the name “Morley”

Yes. There’s one on my road.

They’re fine.

Obvs the best chicken shop in all of London is Stepney Fried Chicken though.


Thankfully there’s another one literally 200m down the road, so that’ll be fine…

Shame. This is my local:

Absolute bullshit. All I want is some fried chicken without the risk of botulism. Is that so much to ask?


The other one in Forest Hill is 4/5.

La-di-da, fancy Forest Hill with its quirky museum and hand washing.

good to see Reg Holdsworth still finding employment

They should rename it “Moaty’s Chicken Shop”

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I think they serve a valuable community purpose in that they give an opportunity for people to moan on local internet forums. Plenty of people on the Sydenham forum seem to love posting stuff like “I was walking past Morleys the other day and I saw a member of staff wiping his bum on one of the chickens in the alley. And he was being a muslim as well.” That sort of stuff.

These are the same people who moan about not being able to get some bizarre sourdough from the Coop any more, despite having one of London’s most famous bakeries on their high street.

[I’ve never been in Morleys in Sydenham]

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