Mornday moaning


Had my first properly early wake up from the tiny human alarm clock in quite a while, been up since before 4am and I stayed up stupidly late so I’m feeling not so refreshed.

Should probably capitalise on the early start and go out before it is too warm, but probably won’t make it.

I hope ypur Mondays are better rested and not too full of dread :+1:

Going on holiday tomorrow so today is a daft little ground, silly game, fuck off

Where are you off to?

Portugal. Not packed or anything yet. Don’t have the 2-pin plug adapter for charging my phone either.

Reckon if I had a dog I’d like a German Shepherd. Proper dog, proper haircut.

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Plenty of places to get the adapter along the way I’m sure, hope you (and I am guessing @fappable as well?) have a great time :slight_smile:

Yeah, four of us going. Cheers.


morning FL, all :wave:

I too stayed up stupidly late and am now having to deal with the consequences - one day I’ll learn that going to bed super late combined with an early start equals non fun times.

also fairly sure something is happening at work today but I can’t remember what, or whether it’s a good or bad thing :thinking: so obviously I’m assuming bad and have the dread.

Morning. On a train to Wigan. Just announced its going to be running an hour late. Thanks.

(2 of fappable and 2 of me)


Someone left a 1 star TripAdvisor review about me because I corked the last bottle of Malbec


Morning! Got woken up just after 5 by the cat again, managed to sleep for another hour after but still fucking tired. Got a pretty nondescript day ahead then going to see my parents at their new house later.

I need to leave early to take the car for it’s service and MOT. Really cba.

I’m now regretting not having a lay in yesterday.

I’m seeing double! Eight barleysugars!


Morning @anon89873996 et al :wave:

As I expected the hot water is busted so I had to do a dry shave this morning and now my legs and pits are super itchy and uncomfortable :cry:

Can’t fucking wait for payday on Friday, I am beyond broke

Difference is I’ve packed and have an adapter of my own :roll_eyes:



Back to bed, definitely back to bed.


Hoping this week goes by without a snag cause I don’t want to have to work on my birthday

Graduation ceremony today. Have roped in a neighbour to be my guest, man, she’s going to be bored.

Of course it’s incredibly humid, just the day to don an extra layer of black clothing and be in a room with hundreds of other people :woman_student::thermometer: