Mornday moaning

always remember you’re better than your work


Oh hun I’m so sorry :cry: People are absolute jackasses and don’t deserve your amazing service. You are a wonderful shining star :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:

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Just casually watching

Not really sure then. Probably eject them

You’re a ledge. Illegitimi non carborundum x

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She was posting about it this morning. I hope she didn’t fall over.

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Thanks Funky @xylo @Ruffers @rarity @tilty and everyone. You’re all so lovely and reading your messages helped me while I was taking deep breathes to calm down and psych myself up for going back in. Home now, still feeling utterly miserable but hopefully tomorrow will be a better day :kissing_closed_eyes:


Doesn’t work for everyone but I’d find a cinema trip perfect after that, pure escapism. Anything decent you could go see?

Hot tub status?

I’m the worst at watching films. Haven’t been to the cinema since probably… Deathly Hallows pt2. I prefer watching films at home with a glass of wine and the ability to pause and go to the toilet. Would quite like to go an the outdoor cinema sometime though.

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Ok, I didn’t fall over BUT…

Halfway through, I’d already gone up at this point, they had a break to let an alumni speak. This time it was someone from CBeebies, a director or writer, anyway he was trying to tell the younger graduates about time seeming to pass quicker as you get older and seize the day and all that and he emphasised his point by basically saying “3 years ago my stomach exploded, it was removed and then I had a heart attack…you never know when you might die” (extreme paraphrasing). At that moment there were two huge thuds on stage where the staff were sat and they stood up and shouted for an abumlance and you could see one of them seemingly doing CPR on the staff member who was in the floor.

Anyway, the guy had only fainted and they weren’t doing CPR but fanning him, which was lucky because in the entire auditorium no one did ring an ambulance when asked to because we’re all too British to make the first move.


@AQOS. Nomination please.

Well done on graduating!!!

(On a more serious note, if anyone is in a situation where an ambulance is needed, point to one person and make them responsible for the call, often when said to a group no one does it)


Bravo pal. :beers: <— nanny state


Hugs :hugs::couplekiss_woman_woman::kissing_cat::kissing_closed_eyes:

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My car flew through it’s MOT and service. I only did 4500 miles last year.

5 year old car and I’ve still only done 26k

Ah! A fellow First Aid certificate holder, I presume? :wink::raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

No! A former… lifeguard :sunglasses:

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I’m really glad you didn’t fall over and nobody died.

Well done for graduating!

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