Mornday thread


Going to Bristol today for a few nights. Anyone got vegan restaurant tips?

Hired a private swimming pool this weekend. Was awesome.

Drank too much yesterday

Good morning. Cafe Kino on stokes croft is good for vegan breakfast and lunch. Not sure if they’re open at dinner time. Also there are three Thali Cafe places which I think have largely vegan menus.


Morning. Popping into work for a bit then driving up to Newcastle. Last time I went to Newcastle they were playing Barcelona in the Champions League so you could say it’s been a while! Not particularly looking forward to the journey.

I’m supposed to be going to Switzerland tomorrow for work but the guy I’m going to meet has just told me he is really jetlagged and drowning in work so he hasn’t sorted anything out. Great, thanks pal. So I was in a pretty great mood and now I’m in a stinker.


Morning Sheeldz, morning everyone.
Been to the gym this morning, so radiating virtue and righteousness for now.
Got some routine shopping to do later, and off to see a private view of The Impressionists in London exhibition at Tate Britain this evening. It’s supposed to be pretty average, and lacking impressionists, but there’s a room full of Monets so can’t all be bad.
It’s also got Kew Green by Camille Pisarro, which is (iirc) the only painting by an impressionist of a game of cricket. (If it’s not, whoever wrote a note on it to that effect in the National Gallery has a sense of humour.)

Still? Or is that a return to work bleurgh?

Bit of both

Red sky in the morning, beef casserole


Got up and went for a run this morn and smashed it :muscle: running late for work so only have a smoothie for brekko. Got some dull, irksome work on today but then aint it all!


Lovely pink sky this morning. Wish I had the morning off. Half of the enormous cottage pie we made last night remains in the fridge, so I’m already looking forward to dinner.

What’s going on with this Elon Musk flamethrower thing? Is it real? If it’s real, I want to buy one.

On the train to That London to go to That Reading for one stupid meeting, then lunch, then back home. Fantastic use of my time.

Going to get hobbitrubbingnipples.jpg when I get to Reading though. They can wait for me.

Got the day off to recover from travelling home from our holibobs. Running some errands, going climbing, washing all our clothes. It’s gonna be a riot.

Did you catch the 8.15? If so, I must have walked past you.

The 7.45 :sob:

Morning all.

Had a nice lazy weekend. I’m really not happy to be at work today.

Not much to report. Hope everyone is well.

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My Monday’s always start well as my Bro picks me up every Monday en route to dropping his middle kid Paco at nursery, and the wee man is the smiliest most amusing wee dude. :slightly_smiling_face:


Just realised there was a big spindly spider crawling up my leg. Dont worry though, definitely didnt shriek and completely freak out. 100% kept my cool intact.