Morning! It’s Wednesday

I’ve been wide awake since 4 and just put the plastic lid on the toaster while it was on, thereby setting it on fire. How’s your morning going?


Morning! What a way to start the day. How was the toast??

Off to work of course…

That’s it :star_struck:

Mornin’. Pre-op at 11am. I believe I’ll be Covid and MRSA swabbed and given some druqks for the big day. It all feels really weird.

Just went and culled a shitload of my Instagram followers - hopefully I didn’t accidentally remove anyone here :flushed:

Breakfast now.


Good luck!!


Hope it all goes well Niki!

The what now?

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Good luck Nikkers! :heart:

Woke up early so started work early like a mug. Tired.

Big ol’ thunderstorm to start the day off, what a treat!



Off today. I have to drop the eldest at nursery and then have the youngest all day. Think it’s going to be too hot to do anything nice. Might make a curry when he’s napping. Nothing else going on.


Woke up every hour last night, such horrid, broken sleep. Urgh. Please let it be cooler today.

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Used the DiS approved “cooling blanket” to try to get some sleep, then kept giggling because I felt like


No I didn’t sleep very well, thank you for asking

How was your late night trip to party house?

feel quite ill. Cycled home from work (cycling is really tiring imo). Coffee coffee, then final testing of a project that needs to go live tomorrow so looking forward to finding catastrophic issues.
Man, I reallllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyy need some time off work. Have like 30 days of holiday left as well as bank holidays etc but haven’t had time to take it and already being lined up for next ‘emergency’ project stuff.
wah wah
Good luck @plasticniki on doing a baby!


Listening to this on the walk to work which I think is probably my favourite Smog song. Anyway I like the hopelessness vibe on my commute

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Morning all and good luck @plasticniki

Just had some dippy eggs and toast soldiers.

Going to head out for a pootle about in the sun on my bicycle shortly. Might mow the lawn this afternoon before the rain rolls in tomorrow.

I remembered to get the prawns out of the freezer for dinner!

Killed a man, as is their way

Morning all :wave:

The estate agents are coming round today to take photos of our house, ready for it to go on the market. I’m enjoying a brief moment of everything looking immaculate! And hoping that it doesn’t end up on the weird house listings thread.

Before that, I have a meeting that I’m dreading.

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A return to back to back teams meetings for 5 hours is it? Great