Morning. Monday is upon us....

Morning all,

Couldnt see a daily thread yet.

Warm isnt it? Another heatwave is coming the news says. Boo. :-1:

Im currently watching Man Down and drinking coffee and putting make up on while baby naps. Multi tasking or what?

How are you this morning? Whats for breakfast? Plans for today?

Good morning :wave:

It’s my birthday today :slight_smile: so the plan is to go out for breakfast, head to a nice beach for a bit, go for a meal this evening, and a surprise or two. Looking like another very sunny day :sunny:



Awake at 6 because of the birds. Granola, yoghurt, honey, blueberries and strawberries with a cuppa for breakfast. Then a shitshow of a morning at work no doubt.


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Happy freakin’ birthday!! I hope everything brings you joy today and you have a lovely lovely time :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday:


Morning. Happy birthday ccb.

I slept badly. Taking OG bairn swimming around lunchtime. Got an engineer booked to come today. Apparently he’ll be between 8 and 5, so I’m hoping he doesn’t turn up at the most inconvenient time possible.

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HP BD CCB! :cake:


It’s @colon_closed_bracket’s birthday? Well…IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

Morning, had a sore throat yesterday, still got one today and I feel sick. Urgh. Reckon I’ve caught the cold little one had about 2 weeks ago and the TV had all last week. Had toast for breakfast, started work at 8, absolutely cba. Got job applications to finish off as well.

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Hi everyone,

back from a trip with the kids which was loads of fun but equally so tiring - caught the coach to london the train to paris, on to Berlin the next day then a few days later on to Poland. Was great when we got to chill finally but the first bit was too hard. Also paid 12 euros for a pint of calsberg in paris which was, well…

But now, we’ve added a new member to the family so all is good in the world! (i think i must be insane)

Meet Rosa…

first day back at work is going to be intersting!


Morning superstars.

Of course a particularly special morning wish to the excellent @colon_closed_bracket have a smashing day :cake::birthday::balloon::balloon::sparkler::tada::piñata: xx

No plans beyond reading my book. How lovely.

@sine_wave I love Man Down. Greg Davies, :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::fire:


Anyway, we were out of milk AGAIN, which is far too much of a regular update from me.

So I’ve been around to the co op to get some more. The streets are a bit of a mess at the moment and I had to navigate past a used condom on the pavement. Ew.

Moving swiftly on, I’m taking Jimbo to London today, probably the Museum of London where apparently there’s a display on the fire of London. Too many "London"s in that last sentence

Very happy birthday @colon_closed_bracket . Have a wonderful day! :gift::tada::partying_face::star::birthday:

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Last day of holiday today. I’m very ready to go home. Sad to be back to work tomorrow though ofc.

So good isnt it! Im doing a rewatch but still having some genuinely laugh out loud moments. :blush:

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Morning all, my work is outside so am likely to get grumpy in the heat this week. Will do my best not to though.

Oh, almost forgot!

Picking up new barbecue so there’s that for dinner

New doggy pool coming. :dog2::sweat_drops::gun::woman_playing_water_polo:

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tired - managed to get work/personal/nonsensical dreads all hitting right as I went to sleep. So up until 2 distracting myself with reading

big morning meeting that hopefully goes by without a hitch (in person!!), no other real aims today apart from survive


Off on our holibobs in a couple of hours.

Loooong old slog down the A14, A11 and etc but should be a nice few days on the North Norfolk coast. The forecast for there is ‘pleasant’ rather than ‘hot’ for the next few days too, so should be nice for the dog.

HB, @colon_closed_bracket :partying_face: :cake:


Why are there no good pastries in all of chorlton?Life’s biggest mystery. Everyone still pretending like Barbakan is a viable croissant option - smh

Off to the Peak District for a few days and trying to figure out just how much of my stuff I can realistically take with me. I’ve decided no guitars, but might pre-grind some beans and pack the Aeropress.