Morning Monday Morning 🌞


I got up 3 hours ago thanks to a riotous pre-dawn chorus from the local wildlife

Done a whole bunch of work already but was disturbed by a commotion on the balcony just now & turned around to see a short-toed eagle bashing the life out of a blue-tailed skink

I was too slow to take a picture unfortunately and the eagle flew off with the skink in its talons

Taking a walk down to the Mercado for a 2nd breakfast

Life is good



Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Morning bits et al!

Yeah, my morning has been pretty much the same except I was awoken by The Child’s post-dawn breakfast demands and there are no dead reptiles (amphibians?) in my house that I know of.

It feels like I haven’t been at work for about a month (even though I was working on Friday morning) so I should think about easing myself back gently you have heard it called that before so just stop it. I’ve got some marking to finish and some sampling of other people’s marking to do if they’re finished.

I’m playing football tonight with some work colleagues I haven’t seen for about a year so that’s pretty exciting.


Penultimate day at work. Still feels a bit like I’ve been watching the last couple of weeks unfold from the outside.


Is tomorrow going to be The Funky Friday To Rule Them All?


You never know. I might even, and don’t tell anyone this, go to the pub after work.


It’s the silly toddler’s second birthday. She’s having a really tricky time at the moment - meltdown over breakfast then 30 seconds of scooting on her new scooter in the park before she fell off and demanded a new cardigan amd for me to wash her hands and scooter.

Will the aquarium be fun or a vehicle for tantrums? Let’s see!


Started the day with a swim in the lake. Amazing start to the day, and it’s a 5 min walk so there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be an amazing start to every day…


Hbst! :birthday:


woke up early (early for me anyway, I keep ‘alternative hours’) because of a nightmare.

drinking coffee, had 3 fags already.

Morning all.

Have to wait in for a parcel and then go and collect another parcel.

Hopefully once my postman duties are complete, I’ll have time to go for a little bike ride. Nothing too strenuous, just ease myself back in after a week off.

Eldest daughter’s school has been subject to a massive cyber attack, and have lost all of their data - so she’s unexpectedly off school for a bit longer.

Cinema this morning.

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Why not both?


having a bagel and a pot of coffee coz i personally feel that you really have to mix things up and try new things in life sometimes.



Very tired - late afternoon pints yesterday (plus a generally drinky weekend) led to me going to bed early (9:45) which always results in my waking up stupid early and then having shitsleep after that :sob::sleeping:

Coffee/ work blah blah D&D tonight (:metal:) Gonna stay in all week and recharge

Morning sunny people. I love the little smiling sun emoji it makes me happy.

Drinking a Huel and just had a bowl of cocopops.

Was gonna do a morning bike but my thighs say no.

Morning Monday. I feel perversely glad it’s Monday morning - I’ve got a hellish week that I’ve been dreading for about two months, but I figured the sooner it starts the sooner it’s over?! Little life hack for you there :face_with_monocle: Going away this weekend too so reaaallllyy counting down the days.

Alright? CBA etc. Got a mystery delivery coming at lunchtime (think it’s an exercise bike that was due next week)

Morning all :wave:

Was in a bit of a fug yesterday (see MH thread) - feeling a little better today. Have downloaded the NHS weight loss app and am on the first day of their 12 week plan. Got to start somewhere, I guess.


Need to get through this week then I’ve got two glorious weeks off with nothing planned.

I need to use the sleep