Morning Morning All!

I’m in the ideal class cover situation where nobody has turned up and I’ve been told to chase them to the library if they do.

Currently sitting in a room used to teach computer networking by myself.

How are your days?


Feel relatively refreshed after a busy weekend :sleeping_bed:

Had coffee, listened to Kurt Vile, started reading Tell Me I’m Worthless - long delayed birthday present from an old friend :open_book:

Gonna half do some work and wait for the new Music League playlist to drop

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Morning DiS :wave:

Currently nap trapped so im having a coffee and watching The Office (US).

Had a croissant earlier, and we’ve got Rhythm Time at 10.45.

Then im going on the hunt for a Halloween mug. If anyone has seen any in the shops let me know, as im not quite sure where to start…

Fancy a Mc Do for lunch :thinking:


Morning all.

youngest is off with a fever so it’s working from home with various lego related tv content in the background rather than the usual peace. Felt sorry for the little punk though as he was so hot in the night (and of course then wanted in bed with me - nice).

Day should be ok really though. lovely morning walk with the dog helped kick things off.

Take care out there x

In a foul mood.

Morning DiS,

It’s a rainy morning here, but according to the forecast it’s meant to be sunny by lunchtime. I hope so, because I’ve got a film to drop in to get processed at lunchtime.

Aside from that it’s a quiet day for me, mainly reviewing other peoples work. Is it time for another coffee yet?

Nice weekend in Barnsley of all places. Found a place for a decent coffee and a good little boozer that both let dogs in so we’ve got somewhere to go when i visit.
Also went for a nice long walk round yorkshire sculpture park yesterday.
Trying to have a quietish october so this weekend was lovely.

Gonna try and smash some work this week too.


Tiger had a few, this was the best Mug. 300 ml €4| Flying Tiger Copenhagen

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Ahh that one is really nice! Sold out though. :pleading_face:


Today marks 10 years at same company, so think I’ll take a long lunch walk and go find a much needed doughnut or cake.

Going to browse the library later as not feeling any of the books I’ve got on the to read pile at the moment so hoping something will grab me there.

Morning day off, slept not great

Was thinking of g98ng Dumbarton cadtle but its closed and train strikes anyway.

Meeting @laika for a potter and coffee


I just read James Yorkstons’ ‘Book of Gaels’ was good and nice easy read

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argh why did you have to link to Tiger, if there’s one thing I love it’s cheap tat :tired_face:

Mum’s feeling better today so that’s good. I’m sleepy and weepy which isn’t a great combo, but hopefully I can hold it together in this afternoon’s meeting. Then it’s dnd tonight! Still miss you, @keith :smiley:


Raining so wfh, got loads to do and pc is being a useless bastard

Absolutely cannot be CBA

On the sofa with my duvet. Send cuddles and words of affirmation. Pathetic little goblin :see_no_evil:

First day at new job. Colleagues and boss are terrible and someone else who works in the building keeps touching my bum.


Morning. WFH today - Cheekster 1 is off school with a cold and is not suffering quietly, bless her.

Ah might get lucky if there is a store near you, they have had Halloween stock in for a while now. They seemed to have the best options of the main stores I’ve seen.


Thanks have added to the list as it sounds interesting, plus that is a lovely cover as well

You Are Awesome GIF by Paramount+

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