Morning of the 4th November

Well morning for you guys, for me it is evening.

And I have both a yeowling cat and a whining dog desperate for it to become 5pm here (about 18 mins) so they can get fed.

Added complication is the dog is massively jealous of any attention the cat gets so pretty much every time it weaves around my legs the dog goes all weird and upset.

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Ooh ooh

I can’t complain?

Can’t sleep. Not being rude to him but I need to close the window so the cockerel doesn’t wake me up

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Morning. Went to bed at 9pm and as a consequence jolted awake (seriously it was like that thing when you’re falling off to sleep but in reverse) at 5.45am. Been idly flicking through TikTok ever since and now working out if it’s worth going back to sleep for fifty minutes.

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Morning folks. Got serious dread here so might treat myself to having some honey with my porridge. Been looking at a frankly ridiculous PhD to do as well as escapism


Smart meter being installed today so I’m WFH. It’s not actually a working day but I’m away on Thursday for the weekend so have done a bit of a swap.

Had a headache for about 10 days now and getting really pissed off about it.


Back to work for me today. Off tomorrow, so a nice easing into the week.

I’ve been having them more frequently for quite a while, and they’re not very severe but painkillers dont seem to get rid of them. I went to the doctors about 6 months ago or more and I honestly cant remember what she said (what’s wrong with me? I never remember anything) but she didnt do anything, no tests or anything like that. Think she must have said “see how you go” as that’s how most of my doctor’s appointments have gone

Edit: I also want to cut out some food from my diet first and see if that helps but I can stop eating delicious dairy/sugar

I’ve been humming the Alexandria theme from Final Fantasy IX during breakfast

Also I dreamt during a bad night’s sleep that I’d gotten all the way to Thursday so I’m a bit knackered

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Gf just got up for work, made her tea and crumpets and packed up her leftover pizza with a can irn bru whilst she was in the shower.

Probably go back to sleep now.


Idiot question but: When did you last get your eyes tested?

Monday mornings are the worst. I know this is not an original thought or even one worth typing out but bugger me they’re pish.

My work calendar says I’m working from home today. No idea why. Let’s see who turns up.

didnt they get wet


I too, am WFH today. I normally do on Monday, but on top of that I’ve got a call at 8am, which is far too early not only in the day, but in the week generally.

INSET day so starting later but that means leaving later but the traffic is always worse later so it means leaving at the same time but less rushed about it

Was only home from work around 1amso still very sleepy but my brain woke me up now regardless. Currently drinking coffee in bed and trying not to be too nervous about the photo shoot I have in 2 hours :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face:

Soooooooooo tired

It’s one of them days where the monotony of work is giving me the sads


I’m a very lazy human being. Please don’t make me go to work or get out of bed. I just want to cuddle pusheen and doze


Never heard it called that before…?

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