Morning of Wednesday 19th December

Just got handed a beer in the spirit of Christmas by guys going round the office.


(In the UK this would be breaking the rules. They seem to do it the end of every month here.)

How is everyone’s run up to Christmas going? It is still too weird being in a hot country for Chrimbo.

Tomorrow is pretty decent. Timezones, man. What a load of weirdness!

I think I will avoid all doommongering before Christmas.

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Morning Theo, GP

Massive launch day. Loads of Xmas food arriving. Meh


Does not compute!

Are you west or east coast Canada? Had a feeling we had a few Statesiders although Ocean Rain was the only Cali one I recall.

Are you doing Christmas in Canada or flying back to Europe?

Well I wish you no shitty weather that stops that drive then!

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i read thaf as

Massive lunch today. Loads of Xmas food arriving.


Oh, and I meant to say, Good luck @rich-t

I’ve been woken up a couple of times overnight with Sooty jumping on me and looking for his brother. Seems mean locking him out.

You’re in Toronto right? Where is your TV from? Mines from muskoka.

Morning everyone

Got the dread about my wrist. Almost certain it’s fucked hopefully not in a stookie for months, will fund out properly on Friday

I wish

Having an lady grey.

Oh shit, what happened?
Plaster likely or just a cock up splint strap on thing?

Broke my wrist. Scaphoid fracture. They poonit in a splint for a week the reassess, so will find out on Friday

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Eating an entire mango for breakfast.

They are bang in season here and it’s sooo good.

How’d you break it?!

Very very good fruit. They’re normally shit here but this one was excellent

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I’m so tired and have so many meetings today help

Ditto. The highlight of my day might well be lunch at Cobham service station.

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