Morning Radio


We usually listen to Today, but after this morning* I’ve decided it’s bad for me to start the day that angry.

So, what’s your morning radio of choice? Surely not R1.

*incase you didn’t listen to this morning’s utter shit show:
Reporter Jon Sopel said the NY attacks were the first terror attacks in Trump’s presidency
John Humphrys asked if, in light of sexual harassment claims, we’re heading to a place where people will be afraid to ask people on dates, or get married
William Hague said Brexit has to happen or ‘the people’ will be very cross that it doesn’t.


I saw Jon Sopel on BBC Breakfast this morning stumbling over his words as he tried to outline the difference between radicalised Islam and ‘lone wolf’ attacks. Clown…


I cycle so I don’t do morning radio anymore except weekends.

Need to sack humphries asap. Was he always this shit? “ooh he’s such a big attack dog - so scary” No he’s a fucking relic you prick.


Morning Sadpunk


gave up on Today a couple of years ago.

Listen to Keaveny for about 10 minutes. Spend the rest of breakfast time filling up various water bottles and trying not to stand on nanoblocks


Yeah, he’s not an attack dog at all. At his most ‘attacky’ it’s just this kind of thing:

JH: Good morning and how are you?
MP: Thanks John, it’s a great day for us here in…
JH: I asked how you are
MP: Oh yes, but I wanted to say…
MP: I’m not sure why you’re fixated on…


Playlist of The Hits on my phone.


Keaveny on 6


Maybe what I need to do is set everything up the night before so I can get out the door before noticing it’s on.


But then you don’t get the headlines - how do you know what’s happening in the world?


The last time I listened to Today was about 2 years ago and they had this guy on from some kind of annonymous helpline for paedophiles or people who are worried about inappropriate thoughts etc. Humphreys used up most of the 3 minute interview barking at him about “why don’t you just report everybody who gets in touch with you to the police?” Kept asking it again and again and the guy obviously wasn’t prepared for this line and was trying to say that that would defeat the whole purpose and they were most interested in preventing harm by addressing its causes. What Humphreys wanted him to say was “in any cases where we’re aware of people’s identities and have reason to suspect people’s safety is at risk of course we will report it to the police” but he didn’t quite phrase it like that and Humphreys just got stuck cos he couldn’t “let him off the hook” cos he’s a fucking idiot and the whole purpose of the interview was ruined. Guy’s a fucking liability and a bad journalist.


mainly dis to be honest


Normally listen to Today With Sean O’Rourke if I’m at home on a weekday. Enjoy Morning Ireland but I don’t make a habit of listening to it. Every other Irish morning radio programme sends me into an incandescent rage so I avoid them.


BBC News and Twitter.


usually throw on Keaveney even though I hate him coz the tunes are decent and I’ll hear the headlines


how can you hate keaveny?!


It’s very, very easy to hate Keaveney.




Exposing yourself to the things he says for about 2 minutes usually does it.


that perfect combination of thinking he’s really funny but he really isn’t, does that big long pause thing after he’s made a shit joke, it’s just painful