Morning Tea

So back in the Australia days, every morning there would be “Morning Tea” at around 10:30 / 11am.

This wasn’t just in one place I worked, and seemed pretty common. In the New Zealand office, they even had it that a different person had to bring in snacks for Wednesday’s Morning Tea.

Was a nice concept, and I particularly enjoyed it as it meant doing less work and kicked in right in that mid-morning period where you can actually get something done.

Is this just an antipodean thing, or is this something other people have experienced too? I’m not just talking about drinking tea in the morning, I mean an event called Morning Tea.

It was pretty strictly enforced (by social pressure) in every lab I’ve worked in. All were in the northern hemisphere

how do you feel about Kafee und kuchen?

had it every day when I was on a school german exchange - multiple cake choices and everything

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As extensively documented elsewhere, my morning tea has now been replaced with a morning coffee. I have tea at 1600hrs instead.

Did not know it existed. Wo.


Come on now Ant

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My apologies.

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This has shocked me