Morning theo!


Always makes me a bit sad waking up and seeing Theo talking to himself :pensive:

Just drinking some very very potent cold brew I made yesterday. Ice and milk. :dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face:

Peanut butter on toast. Ride to work. Work. Home. Bike ride. Sleep.


Gotta start making cold brew.

Id eat peanut butter toast for every meal if it was socially acceptable

Morning theo, morning thewarn, morning pn.

Boringly massive amount to do today. No swim in the sea at lunch for me today :cry: It’s been the only thing keeping me going!

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Morning champs.

Had a haircut in the barbers for the first time in 15yrs yesterday evening. Takeaway curry afterwards. Baby slept right through for the second night on the bounce.

Today could go either way I think. Not sure.




I am usually talking to the Aussies or else the likes of @anon18868718 and @Icarus-Smicarus who either don’t sleep or live in other timezones.

The hotel I’m staying at has crumpets in the bakery bit but a sign up saying only to put bread in the toaster… Nobody wants cold crumpets pals.

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Maybe there’s a special crumpet toaster?

Maybe there is but maybe they should have a special crumpet toaster sign if that’s the case.

No maybe about it.


i’m on the early shifts atm, was just thinking the other day how i quite enjoy those early morning political chats :ok_hand::+1:


Morning champs. Just been for a pre-work climb. So hot and humid even at 7am. Bleurgh.

Morning all!

I’m taking The Child for shoe measurement today. I quite fancy a burger but it might not work with time.

No crumpets for breakfast here but I did have toast and Nutella with coffee.

Quite like Scottish crumpets cold

We’re not having this crumpet chat again!

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I knew we’d had this conversation before!

Morning all. Got to get my hair did tonight, it is looking atrocious. Might go for the ol’ communist do that’s as ubiquitous as the meet me at McDonald’s. When was the last time you changed up your hairstyle? Probs 8 years for me. Is this threadworthy? Probs not.

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hey theo

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Sorry :smiley: