Morning, thread (23.2.18)


Hi it’s the morning
I won my first quiz last night
Am hungover now


hi pinkbrain and e-

hi pinkbrain


It’s just you and me now


i was feeling very serene during my commute

beautiful sunrise helps i suppose


I’m feeling quite zen now, got my coffee and I know my lunch is gonna be ace


Don’t get many ugly sunrises


Was the quiz hard? What was the competition like?

Regardless of answers: Well done!


The quiz was not hard but we cleared the second team by 11 points! Got lucky with the rounds and who I was with I think!


i beg to differ. look at the state of these!


Fucking hell, should have spoilered that :nauseated_face:


Morning all.

Here is a clip of me driving home from work this morning

I’m going to bed. Night!


Morning pinky, cows, maosm.
Getting Soft Cell (standing, I hope) tickets this morning. Then it’s into work for a loooooong day.
Met more Dissers last night - should do that more often, I think.
Finally got my copy of the Washington Phillips and his Manzarene Dreams CD yesterday. If I get chance I’m having this on at work later.


Morning all! Not much going on until work at 5pm, taking it easy as still pretty worn out from spending a lot of yesterday throwing up stomach acid/bile and shivering a lot Need to go to the shop and eat at some point but that’s about it. Actually that’s bullshit, there are about 75 things I need to do today but let’s not pretend that’ll happen.


Nicely done on the quiz pinko :+1:

Morning chaps. Going to Liverpool this evening for my pa-in-law’s birthday. We’re taking him back to where he grew up and taking in Liverpool vs West Ham tomorrow at Anfield. YAWN, Loserpool etc.





Just carted a crate of beer to work with no gloves and my hands almost froze to death.


Very hungover from DiSing, gotta head into town to start a new job. Hopefully have time for a second breakfast. :grimacing:


We have a meeting in a different building 20 minutes walk away, at 10am. Do I get to work at nine, do fuck all for half an hour and then wander down the road? Or do I go straight there for 10am?

It’s the last Friday of the month. This means the boss will almost certainly rouse us from our desks at 4pm and tell us to go to the pub or go home.

This means that I’m not leaving for work just yet…


Go straight there.


Properly irked that an Anfield ticket is being wasted on a heathen like you. Hope your father in law has a great time though.