Morning thread feat. rubbish sunrise pics

Morning all

Ronseal thread. On the way to Great Yarmouth to sell curtain rings or something. Woke up randomly half an hour before my alarm. Horrid.

How are you all anyway? Hope you slept well and have good days ahead :relaxed:


Hope they haven’t run out of ideas on the upcoming series of the apprentice


Vista view


Morning ccb.

Managed a relatively normal night last night. That’s good. Still pretty wiped though. Going swimming at 10, then free afterwards. Might go for a walk or sumfink


Morning all!

The Child was up at 4am. She did go back to sleep eventually. I’m feeling exactly as refreshed as you’d expect.


It was a callback to this

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Close enough then

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Nailed it



Just did a sunrise video on my ‘gram funnily enough

I’m awake and have coffee, that’s all I can say for certain right now.

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No sunrise photo here because the weather is shit. The torrential rain has just stopped - rain that was so bad it knocked over and smashed a bottle of milk from the doorstep. Thanks for nothing rain!

I’ve got the day off to do parenting today. First stop is Jimbo’s intensive swimming lesson at 9.15, and then there’s no plans until 4pm when there’s a Lego thing at the library. Between those two things :man_shrugging:

Here is the view from my home office. No sunrise alas.

This Post Paid For By PROF$.

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I can just feel my teeth decaying


flavoured coffees are always so bad, every now and then I get tricked thinking I’m missing out on pumpkin spice or whatever then I remember after two sips that I went to a coffee shop for coffee

First day back on the porridge for the winter :blush: even thought it’s still not very cold

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Missed sunrise, but the view from up here is still deece…



No sunrise as I was in bed until about half an hour ago and also it is pissing down.

Feel a bit better today. Still have an annoying cough but overall feel fine, I think.

Jobs for today:
Change a toilet seat
(Attempt to) change a leaking tap connector and possibly end up calling the plumber
Change a bath panel

No sunrise but I did get this sight just after walking out my door


No sunrise as I am still in bed

Morning! Home so doing nothing but washing and watching telly.

And of course hyping myself up for Sugababes tomorrow :star_struck::star_struck:


Just deleted my giant whinge :sweat_smile:

Got some nerd stuff to do today and I’m going to a nice bakery. So that’s nice

Small whinge: it is far too hot

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Is your door also the door to the Clayton St Chippy?

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