Morning! (thursday)


Do you know when I last made a daily thread?!? Bet it’s been at least a year.

It’s a nice sunny day here, i should go for a walk but I’m just going to listen to a podcast and play Freecell instead.

Hope you are all well and having a nice morning x


hey bammers :wave:

we’re going to (hopefully) see some flamingos today :smiley:

dad just got a massive telling off in spanish by the hotel car park attendant for not understanding the ticketing system, which was quite funny

hope you (and everyone else) have an excellent day! :slight_smile:


oh are you on holiday?

Very nice!

say hi to @profk for me!


started using the Discourse hotkeys and it’s really nice


i would have loved to but sadly we’re at almost the opposite end of the country from the great man! i’ll give him a big wave on behalf of all of dis as we fly over his bit (sort of, maybe) on the way home, though!




first day of my period and I have three hour communications workshop and I am meant to have been thinking of things to bring to it but I have no idea


I don’t know what it’s like to have a period or to go to a communications workshop but good luck and have fun :slight_smile:



In Edinbluuurgh. Gonna make work pay for an oat milk maple latte


Morning all.

I ran out of coffee yesterday and forgot to bring any coffee in with me. This is going to be a long day.

Thankfully all the managers are out and all I have on my to do list is to send out a few emails.


Hope you’re all well.


All tastes the same anyway


I can’t be bothered to get coffee anymore, just drink tea in the mornings now.

Gotta be honest, it’s a more pleasant way to wake up


You know what doesn’t taste like coffee though? No coffee.


I always have some aeropressed freshly ground coffee in the morning when I get to work. It’s a nice ritual that sets me up for the day.

All I have here is cherry and cinnamon tea. I’ll drink it but I won’t be happy.


Working in the shared office. Feels like I’m being sociable even though I’ll spend the entire day with headphones on.


What’s on the playlist today Aphex?


Bus on the way in was having a headphone listen to my next planned album.
Now on Helios as recommended in the ambient thread.
Then prolly gonna switch to Opeth or similar :metal:


I’m WFH tomorrow for the first time in FOREVER so I might have to stalk your recent listening to get me some new tunes to listen to.


Morning Bam :wave: and the rest of you :wave:


Don’t you love those days when you wake up exhausted? No? Yeah, no.