Morning, Wednesday

Hello, mostly starting the daily thread as an excuse to make another raffle PSA:

:loudspeaker: Today is the last full day to enter the Hardship Fund Winter Raffle 2019, please enter today rather than scrambling around tomorrow morning if you can/want to

Anyway, what does today have in store for you all?


CIMA exam

Good luck!

Good luck jordo

Did you do something wrong, um… @anon19035908?

  • Work
  • Drive to in laws
  • Pasties for dinner (probably the Devon variety FAO poster formally known as Funkhouser)
  • Pop to a brewery on the way home for beerz

Pointless spreadsheet-based actions await me for the next 7 hours. Joy of joys.

Might make a pivot table just for the excitement.

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Day off today. Might be going to the Dartmouth supermarket triangle but A is on medicine at the moment that has her asleep till after lunchtime so we’ll see.

Particularly fuming at R’s dad cancelling as I have far too much to do in the small window of R taking up his emergency preschool place :frowning:

Ah well, off to lidl…

Morning :flashlight:, all. Dragged myself into work but still a bit out of breath whenever I move. Pleading with my boss via sad puppy-dog eyes to let me go home but she seems immune.

Fella opposite me on the tube cracked a Henry Westons cider at 8:15 this morning, fair fucking play.


Off to manchester for some work stuff, haven’t been down in a good few years. Looking forward to a few beers out and about tonight.

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leaving early for doctors appointment

Morning kids!

WFH today. Already had a 7am call and popped out to the supermarket (forgot to buy fabric conditioner like an idiot). I’ve got a fairly quiet day today, and I’m knocking off early because the other half has to work in London and apparently someone has to pick Jimbo up from school.

Arse related or no? Please do not feel pressured to divulge any extraneous info if you do not wish to.

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Yes - my arse. It’s moved into the “merely uncomfortable” area now - I can almost sit back in a chair! Sitting down for long periods isn’t great still.

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Sounds like it’s taking eons to heal man, hope the batty doctor can sort you out. Can you buy a big rubber ring or summink? Park yourself in that?

School starts at 8:55. I woke up at [drum roll] 8:44. Fucks sake. Still, got her to school with everything necessary, now I’m trying to put my morning routine back together. Four alarms, I set! Four!

Woke up at 3am last night and couldn’t get back to sleep until half 5… so, I’m functioning not great. Got a project to finish up that I’m finding a complete chore, I really don’t care if I pass it now. I’m also waiting for someone to send me something and they still haven’t, despite promising to do so yesterday. Argh.