Morning? (Weds)


I’ve already taken Misty out for a wee walk, would be completely unheard of back home! Parents are going Aldi later but that’s as exciting as my day gets. Hbu?

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Where are you?


I’m interviewing this morning over zoom - not for a job for me, one of my colleagues is recruiting. Could be interesting.

That’s as exciting as today gets for me

I feel and look like a prune. Need to drink some water and eat some nutrients.


I had some beach bar beers last night. I was looking at the sunshine all day thinking how nice the beach was going to be at 6 but when I cycled down there was an icy cold sea mist

Was still good, I had some chips as well

Today is a normal work kind of day. Hopefully I’ll have time for a bike but the meeting schedule gods might not allow it

Morning all.

We started this last night. In the cold light of morning it feels like we may have bitten off more than we can chew

I am really really fucking hungover.

Going to pick up my baby at lunch. And by “baby” I of course mean “Jazzmaster”.

That’s it.


Made the mistake of checking my phone when i woke up an hour before my alarm, and there was a work message implying I’d made a mistake. Turns out there was no mistake and they’d just got confused about something, but obviously I wasn’t going to get back to sleep after that, was i?

Greetings from Hoogy HQ


I’ll be here all day, every day


Starting my day watching a full live fugazi set and drinking a pot of coffee. No plans beyond that but might treat myself to a pub lunch.

Morning all!

I’m still on strike and have been in an online union meeting since 9.00.

I’ll be going to the cash and carry after this finishes.

Felt so bloated this morning. Assumed it was, y’know, the baby inside me but no, turned out I was just brewing a large poo.





Moooornin all

I had an orrible night’s sleep last night complete with obligatory dream that drags on and is itself about trying to get to sleep (and having a text read out by Matthew Crosby and Ed Gamble) that, after you wake up, turns out to have accounted for less than an hour of sleep

Surprisingly fresh feeling though!

morning friends

i have a question

if a gentleman was planning on getting his first tattoo, any possibly only tattoo, what is the best part of the body to get it on?

it’ll be quite small


back at work after 2 days sick. I do not want this


Morning, Drowned in Sound community! I woke up early worrying about getting things sorted before a weeks holiday next week so been online since about 7 and tbf, really getting through it.

Fingers crossed I can log off at 3pm :crossed_fingers:t2: