Been ages since I made a daily thread so too bad for you lot I’m afraid.

I’m just chilling out playing hearthstone and drinking coffee waiting for a load of washing to be done. Oh my exciting life!

What’s up?

Morning Bam! Going for a run shortly. Haven’t been for a week cos my leg’s been hurting. Then going to a record fair later if I can walk :slight_smile:

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yeah I thought about going for a run but I’m fat and lazy these days unfortunately

cool! what kind of thing would you be singing?

wanna loan them out for a bit? Kinda feel like stroking a cat and staring out of the window for say half an hour

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Still playing host to our friends and their little kids. So I’m watching CBeebies and playing games with them. Pretty good fun all told!

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wow business judging? sounds painful :frowning:

my nieces have recently got into lego which is great for me as it’s a lot easier than repeatedly throwing them up and catching them


Saw your guy Sun Kil Moon last night and Nels Cline joined him on stage for the I Hate Nels Cline song, heartwarming

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Morning. Watched alien and predator at the abbeydale picture house last night. Was good. Making some spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes and eggs for breakfast, then got football

aww that’s great! Where was that? I’ve genuinely no idea what he’s gonna play when I see him in London in a couple of weeks

that’s a serious breakfast! I’m just having a casual banana. A casnana if you will.

you won’t


I will be taking 2 bananas to football with me. But they will be anything but casual. Strictly business bananas

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Bf has gone to golf already so I am just laying in bed with a tiny cup of coffee (stovetop made if any coffee wankers are interested).

Got gym at 10:45 then fuck all for the rest of the day. Might make a lasagna??

Ooooh that’s a shout. Think I’ve got all the ingredients in

Also whats the process for a vegan lasagne, out of interest, mine is a dairy explosion

In Belgium at Thurston Moore’s do
He also started insulting an audience member and I was trying really hard to suppress my cough the whole way through in case he turned on me.
really enjoyed it though, he mostly played newish stuff, loved the one about Trump from the perspective of a house cat

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Well I do a weird but nice one
I do layers of spinach, griddled aubergine, corgette, mushrooms…any veg i fancy really. Make my own tomato sauce and just layer up with whole meal lasagna sheets. Then I top with garlic herby breadcrumbs

It’s not really a lasagna tho is it?


can you stick an extra one on for me please

Woke up too late to go out cycling with my new cycling club friends.

Weather looks amazing but bloody cold. Gonna go out for a solo one once the suns up a bit more and hope it’s not too windy.

Had coffee and Porridge w/Banana and Cinnamon for breakfast as standard.