I’m so early for work that the building isnt open yet.

Also got invited to interview for an amazing amazing job :slightly_smiling_face:


:+1::+1::+1: well done!! Excellent news.

Got an interview today. Current status is terrified, not sure why tbh but over thinking everything and worried…
Need to have a bit of calm time before I leave.


Good luck with the interview and good luck with someone opening the building for you soon!


Oh, good luck with your interview too, Slickers. What sort of job is it? Another library based one?


Good luck!!!


I’m a primary teacher now Theo :smiley: so it’s a teaching one.


Which idiot decided going to the doc’s at 8.30?

this idiot :frowning:


Good job on the interview!! And good luck with the interview @Slicky

I’ll be continuing to spectacularly fail in my job today. Yay.


I have to go in at 7am tomorrow to register for a new practice :frowning:


I am continuing to fail at mine now hence getting in first to make up for it :frowning:


Aye, solidarity





Good morning and well done/good luck @DarwinBabe and @Slicky
Today I’ll be trying to find more jobs to apply for. Might have a nap at some point. The Wetherspoons down the road was having some sort of awful disco again late last night so we got up, made angel delight and watched TV til 2am until it stopped.


Ah excellent. Sorry I missed when you moved up. So is this a promotion in your school or are you looking at a better school?



Good luck for your interviews @Slicky and @darwinbabe.

R is being taken by his nan to the seaside today, and I am going to ikea and then have book club later. Another fun-filled, nap-free day for me :sunglasses:


Hi everyone, well done and good luck with interviews.

I’m super late for work but don’t really care as I was there until 7:20pm yesterday. Not really in the mood to do any work but I think I have a shit ton to do. Off tomorrow yay.

Do not understand why I keep putting on weight.


Morning all,

Good luck everyone. I failed my first ever interview a few weeks back for the civil service. Was an interesting experience - they gave me loads of really great feedback, and the fact that I’d already got a job working on the exact same thing, but for the subcontractor (the civil service is the client) the result actually made me feel pretty good. I hope that my good vibes on jobs passes your way.

I started doing tai chi and it’s changing my life. I didn’t do it last night and didn’t sleep well.


Heading down to that London for like 11 days this evening by train. I’m going to need to transport things for:

  • Climbing trip
  • Funeral
  • Business meeting
  • Friend’s 30th birthday
  • General clothing

Not sure this is physically possible.


Could try and nap in ikea


Morning, another case of the CBAs

Good luck with the job interviews db and slicky.