Morrisons "Quiet Hour"

Really good idea.


not on a Saturday between 9-10 it isn’t, will be rammed!
Can they just do all of that stuff anyway, forever


Tannoy is actually the brand name!!


aggpass comes into yr threads t’annoy


Decent idea, but I’d prefer it if they did it outside of the hours when it’s absolutely rammed.

Doing a weekly shop during the day midweek was a genuine perk of being a student.


And out of business unfortunately

Was more if a 3am shopper when I was a student personally. Just you and the folks that restock the shelves.

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Sorry - I can’t hear you because I’m doing the hoovering

More reasons to shop at morrisons

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Yeah, this. Shut the fuck up, supermarkets. Also ban that dreadful Duty Free sensory assault gauntlet after airport security, ffs.


“Free sample? Don’t mind if I do… Hmm, might not buy that actually, smells quite a lot like arse. Thanks anyway, off to sit next to a complete stranger for nine hours now!”

They should have made an announcement.

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Brilliant, innit. Supermarkets tend to be quite busy at that time, but i imagine reductions in noise could be a big help for some people. Always think wider aisles, lower shelving and more cross aisles would help as well. I’m not autistic, but do really struggle with a lot of sensory stuff, OCD, anxiety and mood disorders, etc, and the noise, crowds, the choice of stuff can be really overwhelming.


My normal barbers (coiffeur) was closed the other day so I went to a different one, he sprayed me with eau de toilette or something after which was bad enough but went in my eyes and just as he asked if the hair cut was ok… I was like ‘I think I might be blind’


Fuck that, I barrel through that living nightmare like I’m touching cloth while also being late for the last flight home.

At least one of which is frequently true, tbf.

He probably shaved a willy into the back of your head and that was his way of distracting you. You best go check in a mirror.

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That was what I asked for, so I hope so.


people who queue outside supermarkets waiting for them to open are weird

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I get a bit freaked out in supermarkets that are busy with lots of noise and generally end up paying and leaving without everything that I wanted because I just can’t stand another minute of it.