Morrissey is at it again: a rolling thread

Yep, but they affect a manc-swagger.


Yeah but they’ve always pretended to be Mancs

Yeah, that’s recent, sure it used to have Shaun Ryder on there

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Just the best posters

Ooh I was in there at lunchtime. Bought Gwenno - Le Kov and Aldous Harding - Designer if anyones interested. Cracking shop. Long live Spillers :smile:


This is good news, but the headline on that article is really poor.

Spillers haven’t ‘banned’ Morrissey; they’ve just taken a decision not to stock his records - as is their right, obviously.

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I know, it’s baffling why he does things to get his name thrown about a lot whenever he’s got a new record out.

Love Spillers - best shop in Cardiff.

…and in case no one has already said it: Fuck Morrisey

I bet Ashli and her team are getting outrageous shit on Twitter about this.

(I wouldn’t be surprised if this is just them choosing not to stock his latest and it being spun into being BANNED)

That’s pretty much it by the sounds of it.


there was a queue at lunchtime, lots of angry middle aged blokes with quiffs

Aye, I often see friends overreacting to stories with headlines like ‘Using words Mum and Dad BANNED in French schools’ and then I have to google it and tell them that they’ve actually just changed the wording on a form

Probably just a decent financial decision not to stock a pointless half arsed collection of cover versions by a racist idiot.


Same with me basically. As a youngster we used to walk past thinking it was a bit of a weird place but fell in love as soon as I found you could rock up and ask for random stuff I’d read about in the NME or Melody Maker and they had it - every single time. In that tiny old shop with shelves out the back. Much of my knowledge of 90s punk is from diving through the punk section and getting whatever I fancied.

I have also met James Dean Bradfield in Spillers - twice.


I’d guess he’s not short of a bob or two so he probably isn’t bothered. He obviously feels strongly about his views so he’s just expressing them.

I see they’ve taken the approach of retweeting all the crybabies on Twitter. Not a single fuck given. Nice.


because he knows enough of his fanbase will still put him above their own principles


Not sure most of his fanbase is made up of people of a left wing persuasion. The crowd at Moz gigs has always been poisonous. He is playing up to those, and enjoying trolling the lefties. It’s classic Moz taken to the extreme, and he is too deluded about his own legend to care about whether he is upsetting anyone.

He really is an utter bell these days.


I suppose i was thinking more of the traditional Smiths fan in the 80s…left-wing leaning students. You are right though, i am sure that his audience has changed over the decades.

It’s a horrible crowd.

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