Morrissey is at it again: a rolling thread

Not sure most of his fanbase is made up of people of a left wing persuasion. The crowd at Moz gigs has always been poisonous. He is playing up to those, and enjoying trolling the lefties. It’s classic Moz taken to the extreme, and he is too deluded about his own legend to care about whether he is upsetting anyone.

He really is an utter bell these days.


I suppose i was thinking more of the traditional Smiths fan in the 80s…left-wing leaning students. You are right though, i am sure that his audience has changed over the decades.

It’s a horrible crowd.

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Long moved on from being outraged and now totally bored by him. Hope the unanimous panning of his new covers album means that mainstream media loses interest and just stops covering him.


apparently he’s covered Dylan’s ‘Only a Pawn in Their Game’ on this new covers album which is pretty brazen for him. presumably the meaning of the lyrics is entirely lost on him?

The cognitive dissonance on display among some of my friends when it comes to this guy is fucking astonishing. One in particular has spent the last several months posting about and sharing nothing but anti- Farage/Robinson/Benjamin articles on Facebook. Completely ignored the couple of posts I made about Morrissey’s latest antics (when he usually comments on everything I post) and today he’s gone and posted about how much he’s enjoying the new album. I mean, fuck me…


According to AV Club’s review, it’s all part of his knowing schtic.

If they’ve made a conscientious decision not to sell his work, it’s accurate to call it a boycott or even a ‘ban’.

I would like to see record shops apply this tactic more widely.

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That’s interesting because it does make me wonder the extent to which he’s effective in his endeavour to use his work and his platform to legitimise the far right.

I posted a video a while ago of Mark E Smith talking about how there were too many refugees in Manchester (which was picked up and used in far right YouTube videos to reinforce their message). Most fans of the Fall and MES (like me) don’t really consider them/him to be racist but his far right talking points fit right in with fascists. (Not to mention he was an abusive bully, and I know people who have said this first hand).

Kanye supports Trump etc.

I don’t think it’s necessarily that weird that Morrissey fans don’t understand why their favourite is fash scum who need to be silenced.

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He’s at it again.

Claims he’s not racist. What a cunt.

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Really want him to just go away forever.


Surprisingly down to earth and VERY funny.


Ffs don’t get my hopes up that she’s dead.


Listened to The Smiths the other day. Fucking amazing.

Seems I can separate the art from the man after all.


“That’s the key to modern Britain …It’s against the law to be intelligent!"


I’m pretty sure i won’t be interested in anything he does in the future, however, i will still listen to ‘Bona Drag’, ‘Your Arsenal’ & ‘Vauxhall & I’ because, well, they’re great.

Such a shame the Smiths broke up in 1987 and nobody ever heard from any of them again.


If we can all get into this mind-set, all will be well.