it seems to have been removed everywhere :frowning:

think it’s new york now

Shit cunt shit tunes


He does not give a fuck about animal rights, he’s just pretending he does as an angle of his racist shit. I wish some high-profile animal rights organisation would have the cajones to call him out as sub-human filth whose views don’t have value.

idk - if I’m willing to defend the moz on anything it’s his belief in animal rights. hell of a long game if he’s just pretending


Yeah morrissey is clearly a massive racist but I’ve never seen anything that suggests his animal rights beliefs aren’t sincere

I am…

  • Done with Moz and all his bullshit, won’t buy his music, won’t pay to see him, can’t listen to anything he’s touched
  • Going to carry on listening to his music and find his twattishness part of his charm

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He states that his support for the “For Britain” party is due to their policies on animal rights. It’s hard to find much literature on this party but I’ll eat my hat if this amounts to any more than opposing halal/kosher meat, with no reference to “westernised” meat/produce consumption.

That’s racism dressed up as animal welfare if ever I saw it.

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he is definitely a racist, and he is definitely using animal rights to justify his support of a racist party, I don’t think that means he doesn’t actually care about animal rights though

It’s a party run by Anne Marie Waters of ex-UKIP fame and supported by Stephen Yaxley Lennon so I think you’re probably dead right there.

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I just think there is so much concrete stuff morrissey can and should be criticised for, that questioning he motives for supporting animal rights isn’t really needed

I take your point…it’s difficult to really measure whether he has stronger beliefs in one idea than the other…but for me it’s clear that any attempt to speak out on animal rights by him is hugely compromised by his other views.

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sorry but i still fucking love the smiths.

whether or not i still should be allowed to is something i’ll have to confabulate with myself over at a later date

Well for starters there’s a big difference between still loving an artist’s output and actively still supporting them financially/critically despite recent revelations

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would say so, i think it’s a debate that’s been had here last time he was being a prick

obviously no one listens to his recent stuff. i think it helps with his best stuff being 25-30 years old too.

The Smiths have always been shit tbf


That’s not really very funny, is it?


Needs an option for “always thought he was a shit who made boring music”


That was kind of a weird post, but if you were serious I’d recommend The Smyths for a Morrissey-free way of enjoying The Smiths songs. Seen them about 4 times now, always a pretty cheap ticket and puts a massive grin on my face.

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Good teenager. Terrible adult.