Mortifying email addresses

Did any of you have a mortifying email address? So either

  • some reference to Satan, sex, fluffy bunnies, possibly with the addition of the numbers 666 and 69;
  • for added bonus points: one of those another dot com email addresses where you could choose the domain name from hundreds of crazy options?

Maybe you still have one.

I used to have an email address, think it was (not sure what I was thinking, sounds vaguely Thursdayish) … That’s about as bad as it ever got.

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my first email address was mrtoupee AT hotmail DOT com

i only used it cos a girl at school suggested it and i liked her


There used to be a social platform called Multiply sometime around 2004 that was a bit Tumblr/ask me a question like. Your profile address was, so mine was



14 year old me decided that identifying myself as weezerfan was a smart idea. Didn’t get round to changing it until roughly ten years later when that fandom had cooled off quite significantly …

(Blue > Pinkerton, despite what my contrary teenage self thought)

Think my old one was [nickname]

God I’m cool.

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I know someone at school had tashisthebomb bc he fancied tash


My first email address was Hotmal, sendintheclowns666

Only knew the clowns things from when Krusty sings it, never even knew it was an actual song.


Yes. It is still the email my parents thought I used until fairly recently. It had a reference to Blink 182 in it and the rest was r@nd0m things because I was so cool.


I used to have sweet666inmyheart @ hotmail maybe?

Still cringe.


my mates was [a nickname he made up for himself]

think he fancied himself as a graffiti artist, but never did any graffiti


Mad how many CVs you see with stuff like ianLFC@ or rockchick69@, etc.


It’s quite fun when you get something like that come through as a complaint. Call them up, deal with the complaint and then say “so I need to send you an email confirming what action we’re going to take… Is still the best email address to contact you on?.. and sparklepants is all one word, yes?”


Never had an embarrassing one - my first one was a uni one, where a few people thought I was Italian because they were set up as first name, then first letter of your surname (This was 1992, I imagine they do it properly), then I moved back in with my parents after uni and my dad had set up an email address for me on their home internet, and I used that until gmail came along.

Tash was fit to be fair

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was on the phone at work with someone a few months back who sounded absolutely baked off his bonnet and I had to explain everything to him 2/3 times although he was super friendly & nice. As I get off the call I glance up at the screen to see his email; itsweedoclockbitchez69 @ &etc


And all these years later you’re still similarly named.

How easy is it to set up a sensible name email address for serious shit? I have one for friends etc and another for work and serious stuff. Gotta be done.

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My first freebie email/domain name was “planecrash” which I thought was a good idea since I worked in aviation, but it turned out it wasn’t a good idea.