Mortiis - The Smell of Rain

guys, remember?

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I do occasionally hum a slightly misremembered version of parasite god to myself, and feel moderately amused by it. Might listen to it now

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apparently he had a comeback recently. he did a signing in a record shop near me. i did not attend.

I assume he does his signings as a goblin, wikipedia doesn’t seem to be forthcoming
(hadn’t heard about his comeback, which is probably ok, all things considered)


Was weird when the verve reformation single had the hook from that in it

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he was sans-goblin i believe! will try to find it


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i don’t hear it

When I was at peak greebo around the age of 15 I once played a game of Warhammer while listening to his album The Stargate which was a really bad medieval goth style instrumental. Would have been much more epic if it wasn’t taking place in my parents kitchen. Textbook virgin.


sounds pretty good to me honestly, man