Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing

What do we think?

I like it, but then i find them both quite funny.

I imagine it could be the sort of thing that’s hard to objectively critique because they’re GBoLs and there’s a sort of underlying topic of health and that.

Something great about that sort of really slow-paced telly, eh.

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Loved it, but I would go to the ends of the earth for Mortimer so I was bound to.


Yeah I posted about it yesterday. It was fine but it wasn’t very funny, not very insightful, not very educational. Was just fine (and only beacuse it is nice to spend a bit of time in their company - particularly Bob).

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Enjoyed it enough as I have a deep affection for them both, but didn’t realise it was basically going to be Slow TV. Obviously will watch them all.

isn’t the whole slow paced thing linked to the fact that they’ve had heart troubles and are living their lives a bit slower these days?


Perfect pre-bedtime-watch-with-a-cup-of-tea television. And the De Niro impression was worth the price of admission alone.

Bob’s reached national treasure status now hasn’t he, has done for a while.


Don’t watch much TV these days, but after Bob sounding proper proud of it on Athletico Mince and a recommendation from another mate whose opinion I rate, I gave the first episode a watch.

Found it boring, won’t be watching any more. Don’t begrudge them, and it’s nice to see they’re having a good time, but not for me.

Really enjoyed it. Found their relationship lovely and the De Niro impression was fantastic. Has a feel of The Detectorists to it, in terms of pacing.

Also love that this is tagged on the sports page.

Quite liked that it felt a bit like a less serious, narrative-less The Trip, including an impression of De Niro as opposed to Pacino.

I haven’t watched this yet but it sounds a bit like Fishing with John, in which John Lurie (who was in a few no wave bands and Jim Jarmusch films) goes fishing with Tom Waits, Jim Jarmusch, Dennis Hopper, Willem Dafoe and a few others

It’s no Passion for Angling

Just a perfectly nice bit of television. Like a Rick Stein travelogue with more jokes…or jokes…and, yes, a perfect companion for The Trip and Detectorists. If you enjoy them, you’ll enjoy this. If not, you probably won’t.

Whitehouse’s impression of Mortimer when they were in the yurt was brilliant. Best bit for me.

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A top bit of truly lovely telly. Much needed.

There following in the foot steps of one o f the greats, I am also a big whitehouse fan.

Can you even consider yourself a real celebrity if you havnt released a fishing program in later years? I think not

thought it was going to be like Noddy Holder on Brian Pern

I heard him tell a story that he got into comedy completely by accident. Caught his girlfriend in bed with another bloke, took it badly as you would, left town, an old schoolfriend turned up out of the blue and dragged him to some standup against his wishes and he met Vic Reeves that night.


Got it recorded, really looking forward to it though. It’s exactly the sort of thing I reckon I’ll love.