Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing


Got it recorded, really looking forward to it though. It’s exactly the sort of thing I reckon I’ll love.


Do you like Great Canal Journeys with Timothy West and Prunella Scales?


Not as far as I know…


Yeah, he talked about it to Adam Buxton on AB’s podcast.


Last night’s was humbly great too. What a mid-week tonic this show is.


Didn’t like the look of Bob’s pizza. Was it just a load of that cauliflower rice mushed into a base with cheese on top?


Yeah basically


Can’t wait for the Bob Mortimer origins movie


Delighted to hear the Peter Beardsley bed from Athletico Mince :grinning:


The second episode was absolutely lovely. Paul with his bad back and Bob helping him and catching a massive fish. Triffic.


“Oh, Paul. I’ve fallen.”


absolutely love this. the perfect 30 min tv show


Middle-aged men from the world of television comedy doing Michael Caine impressions in idyllic settings is basically a full subgenre now.

(not a criticism, this is really enjoyable TV)


Basically the trip (which I fucking loved so don’t care)

Pretty much happy to just watch two absolute GBOLs having a laugh


Finally getting around to watching this now. Brilliant, lovely TV. That bit in episode 2 where they had a little hug after catching that fish was really nice.


Love the show, but nothing will ever fully explain the appeal of fishing to me. This kind anyway, where you look at it then put it back.


Surely the actual fish are unimportant to a point and it’s just a nice way of getting air in the lungs, having a bit of peace and quiet, seeing nice scenery, etc.


The catch and release element of the fishing is the one thing that puts me off what is otherwise a lovely show. Feels a bit cruel to me. If you’re going to fish shouldn’t you at least eat it?


Last in the series on now. Best thing on the traditional channels this year. Excellent TV


Just finished this. Was so lovely and calming to just watch them pottering about some nice lakes and rivers.

Laughed a lot at the Chivers stuff