Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing


Think I might just re watch the whole lot, such a fantastic and lovely show. So many hilarious moments as well!


Live goal is to become more like Bob, and get a best friend like Paul


The bit in the intro where Bob takes Paul’s glasses off and he does that little smile… that’s life itself.


if I fancied men in late middle age I think I’d definitely fancy Bob


When Bob said he was sick on Chaka Khan’s shoes i almost split my sides.


Bob’s inability to do a proper star jump was very funny

good show all round, entertaining but with a nice positive message about getting out and being a bit active, eating healthy etc


LOVE the way Bob says “heart-healthy”. Like he’s taking the piss but taking it very seriously. Sort of sums him up!


There’s a second series next year:


Jesus Christ the ratio times site is a fucking nightmare of pop ups and bullshit (on mobile at least)




Really annoying that they didn’t write heart-healthy in the article, Mortimer even says it in the press release!