Moses Sumney

I’ve talked up this guy in a few recent threads…thought I’d condense it into one thread. Album release is 22nd September.

New song, more meandering and pastoral than previous singles, still beautiful

First single, Doomed, my song of the year so far

Bandcamp album link

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Excited to hear the album, he was really great at Primavera last year.

Thanks for this post, wonton. I like this a lot, and am now exploring Moses Sumney’s work and really enjoying what I am hearing. Looking forward to Sept 22 - it’s becoming a bigger and bigger release date for some potentially fantastic music.

You know, sometimes, I just love this site …

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Onto my fifth listen of this now…surprised as their being next to no chat on DiS about it.

I’ve taken my time to form my opinion, and I’m still not fully there yet, remaining conscious of how much I WANTED it to be good (based on Doomed and his EOTR set). However, I’ve enjoyed it more each listen, which is a hugely positive sign. He’s a singular talent, and sounds unlike anyone else (though I hear more of Julia Holter/Joanna Newsom than traditional soul influences)…and initially I thought it may be an album more to admire than love. But the emotion and hooks are shining through with each listen…the sexiness of “Quarell”, bitter euphoria of “Lonely World”, despair of “Doomed” and beauty of "Self-Help tape, to name a few.

I think you should all check it out :slight_smile: Thoughts, @MelodiousThunk?

I heard Quarrel on an UNCUT CD and read that review on Pitchfork - definitely going to look into buying this.

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Got this after the pitchfork review - and kicking myself for missing him at Primavera. Gorgeous album - perfect to stick on at night and just let it wash over you.

Minor gripe - given that he used two cuts from earlier albums (Plastic and Lonely World) and also given the relatively short album length…I think he could’ve included Incantation from the Lamentations EP. I think it’s one of the best showcases of his voice and would work with the overall album sound. Obviously this is a very minor gripe as I can just listen to Lamentations…

Can confirm that this album is a good listen when you’ve binned off going out and instead are sat at home drinking in the dark


interview on iplayer for one more week…

Yep, a great album, @wonton, that only grows in strength and depth with each listen. Going to be there or thereabouts for me for AOTM/September. Although, f*ck me, it’s going to be difficult to sort out just 3 for the month. Some months (yeah, I am looking at you, June) I have struggled to find even 3 albums I like. For September, my ‘shortlist’ is 16 albums long … and I have still to listen to a few releases from Friday yet.

Make that 17. I forgot Mary Epworth, Elytral.

I’d be interested to see the whole list! I’m having the same issue…I think Moses is no.1 but Susanne Sundfor is a worthy challenger. The no.3 spot could go to any of Chelsea Wolfe, The National, Protomartyr, Nick Mulvey, Hammock, Metz, Hundred Waters…

Any standout tracks? Aside from Doomed (which I think is my track of the year), I think Self Help Tape is a lovely closer.

Right-o. Will try to list them when I have more time. (But, heads up - none of your other choices are on my list.) Actually, that is what is so great about this month. It seems like there has been lots of great releases for lots of people, whatever an individual’s taste happens to be. October has got to be a disappointment after, right?

I think we’ve had discussions on here before about how releases die down towards the end of the year. I guess there are many factors; festival season, getting albums in before “year-end” lists…etc. In some ways it’s a shame because I usually listen to more music around this time…but then again, it gives me plenty of time to pick up on things that I might have overlooked.

Oh this is gorgeous/heart-breaking. His voice melts me every time.

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I can’t shake the realisation at the moment that he sounds really like Elmo when he sings in his upper register

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