Moss Thread

This thread is dedicated to all things moss related, except Richard Ayoade.

Please note any reference to the painfully unfunny character from the painfully unfunny sitcom The IT Crowd will result in a perma-ban. Please stand ready @1101010

I’m already lichen this thread.



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When I was very young I had a pet piece of moss. I like moss.

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Here’s me visiting some zen moss gardens this spring:


Mate of mine is genuinely well in to moss. He’s an ecologist. At one time he held a great crested newt research license. ATD.

Link him to this thread.

An expert’s view would come in handy.

Also I wanna make a small moss garden like this one:

There’s plenty of samples on offer in my dad’s garden. His lawn is mostly moss.

This would be really nice. I assume it needs to stay outside to thrive?