Most 90s things are actually 80s things

South Park - 1968

knew I’d missed a big one!

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I’m sorry to report that Global Hypercolour t-shirts WERE 90s

One of the most underrated bands of the 90’s

Curtains haircuts - first worn by Margaret Thatcher in her ‘this lady’s for raving’ speech

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FHM: 1985

Britney Spears - born 1981

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turkey dinosaurs - around 200 millions years ago


1989 came out in 2014

Alex Ferguson became Manchester Utd manager in 1986

The millennium bug - 2000

Wet Wet Wet

I would argue that 1990 was actually in the 80s. For example, watch the video for King Of Wishful Thinking


hmm you have a point, I’m watching some 1990 episodes of Star Trek TNG at the moment and they are definitely from the 80s

I always think American things on TV look a decade behind.

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It’s actually 300 years in the future


They say these things move in cycles.

Yeah, this is probably it. I saw some first season Friends episodes the other day and even then in 1994 there seems to be a bit of an 80s hangover going on

I’m 1989 until I’m 1990


- Taylor Swift

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