Most and least favourite holidays



Obviously very differing opinions on Halloween, which I absolutely love. Also a big fan of Christmas, which lasts for a good month in my flat.

What are YOUR most and least favourite holidays???


chocolate egg day = good




But Easter doesn’t really have anything more to offer, does it? Unless you’re religious, obvs.


Halloween isn’t a holiday, is it?


Day off work and a shit ton of chocolate. Not too shabby.


Four day weekend?


what more do you fucking want you get chocolate eggs


What would you call it then (other than shit or some other derogatory term)


i like all the imagery of Halloween but i hate having to take part in any of it.


I’ve no idea tbh.


Fair point, of course. But like, might as well have just been called “spring break” like in the US or something. Nothing very distinctive about it.


Holiday it is, then.


Best - India
Worst - Sharm-el-Sheik


Christmas is fucking brilliant
Easter is fine for getting a bit of time off
Halloween isn’t a thing and it fucking shit
What else is there?




(slow clap you see)


Hmmm. St Paddy’s?


Load of old shite


father’s day*

(*not a holiday but I believe it falls into the realm of what we are discussing here)

he doesn’t want a shit card, I don’t want to send a shit card. I’ll feel like a cunt if I don’t though. shit holiday.


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