Most annoying vocal performance


I’ve just heard Lenny Kravitz on the radio doing What Goes Around Comes Around. Currently this is my second most annoying vocal on a record after Pink Floyd’s The Great Gig in the Sky.


Everytime Ed Sheeran raps


Anything by Sia


Paloma Faith


Jennifer Lopez


that WHY-AYE-AYE-AYE part of Duran Duran’s Reflex.


M People and Anastacia


The chorus of “Tonight, Tonight” by The Smashing Pumpkins.


Crazy Frog




I’ve got a fairly high tolerance for “acquired taste” voices (NMH, Newsom, Colin Meloy). But Corgan is a step too far, Clive.


Right now, as I type, I am being (very) annoyed by Benjamin Clementine’s voice, streaming on NPR. I will endure to the bitter end … but I Tell A Fly is unlikely to be on rotation on its release.




every nasally early-00s Pop Punk/Alt. Rock hit


All those fuck-off Joy division wannabe bands - editors, interpol, the lot of 'em


As a Scot, I really can’t stand vocals which have an affected, faux-earnest, mimsy Scottish twang (see Frightened Rabbit, Fatherson, Twin Atlantic etc etc). Don’t mind Biffy Clyro and The Twilight Sad as much as the aforementioned, for some reason.


Lana Del Rey when she attempts to go for high notes but sounds vocal fry as fuck.


Normally a big fan of vocalists who aren’t technically gifted singers but there is a limit and that limit’s name is Laurel Halo.

Laurel, I love your production and instrumental work, but urrrggghhhhhh that LP with the crazy japanese artwork cover… JFC


I’ve never understood how Firework by Katy Perry was considered fit for release, the fucking bellowing on the chorus is one of the worst things I’ve ever heard


people who aren’t american singing in american accents, so basically 95% of recorded music