Most awkward place you have become aroused?



Obviously those with something that is a more visible signifier will perhaps have more awkward stories, but feeling aroused for random reasons can happen to anyone, I’m sure.

Obviously as a puberteen you get erections for no reason all the time, but post puberty perhaps?

Can’t help it, and not something ever intentional, but several times when receiving massages. Extra awkward as the vast majority were at lush so they were my colleagues.



I’ve never given or received a massage to/from anyone other than a sexual partner when sex is imminent, so yeah I reckon I’d pitch up a raging diamond-cutter if I went for an actual massage


post cant be


Church, probably.


I had such a raging wideon for my ex bf during the post-Champion of Champions night out that I’ve genuinely blacked out parts of the evening because I was absolutely frothing at the gash for him.

Saying inappropriate shit
Thread for showing off

Thread has peaked very soon


this is beautiful


the penis


I absolutely love you.


I’m peaked now too


pls elaborate.




One of those pipes you have to crawl through on a commando training type course. Very tight.





reassuringly freudian, well done


Reminds me of this:


My mum used to live in flats that had a small gym with swimming pool and sauna for the use of residents and their guests.

My then-gf and I had been staying there for about a week or so with no alone time, so when we nipped off to the pool/sauna it got a bit PG-13 as soon as the clothes came off.

But I couldn’t get over the potential embarrassment of getting caught by one of my mum’s elderly neighbours and them reporting back what they’d caught us doing. So instead had the most sexually frustrating sauna experience of my life.