Most banal email you've received today (+ misc banal)

Just got an email saying there will be one fewer recycling bin at each recycling station due to a change in contractor policy.

This is now the recycling thread?



wrote to the landlord about our toilet smelling weird. they suggested using drain unblocker (sigh), told them we had, they’ve suggested a different brand of drain unblocker.

here we go.

All my emails are too banal to even mention.

For example:

[redacted] submitted 3 client screening requests this week.

Just ate some biscuits. Is it hometime yet?

09:27am - Sarah-Anne is unwell and won’t be in today
10:13am - Sarah-Anne is not well so will not be in today

38 degrees sent me an email because they wanted me to sign in support of some campaign about bees. The email was simply titled:



I now hope the bees all die as horrendously as possible

Thanks very much, [redacted]. This is all really helpful.

I’ll wait to hear on the document from profk in due course too.



It was helpful, okay?!!?

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I’ve received an e-mail invitation to an “Agility Health Overview”

This is related to the Agile software development principals - rather than my own physical agility

Due to US/ UK timezone differences it is at 8pm. I don’t think I will be attending

11:17am - Sarah-Anne is feeling a bit better but will still be staying home to recover

11.19am - Sarah-Anne trusted a fart she shouldn’t have and will be in late tomorrow after a trip to the dry-cleaner

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ok just got some advice on invoicing from BECTU which includes these nuggets of wisdom:


i definitely think that spag bol/stir fry tastes better the day after cooking it.

12:32 - Sarah-Anne had one round of buttered toast for lunch, you know, because she’s unwell and will not be in today

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Thank you Gents

To me and a guy who actually did the work.


Nah, the other one.