Most bites you've ever had

I have counted 23 on me from Paris.

2 or 3, i must have very sour blood, got bitten just once in 3 weeks spent in sub saharan africa. Happy that they don’t like my blood

Only time I’ve been bitten is on a sleeper train in Vietnam. Something had a nibble 3-4 times in a row.

Can’t remember a mosquito/midge bite or anything.

I reckon more than 23 but less than 50 (but I’ve never slept outside in a high midge setting).

I am a tasty boy.

I nearly started this thread last month but thought it would just result in horrible pictures of my lumpy legs.

Worst ever was in Fiji. Fell asleep drunk without a mosquito net and got bitten on every bit of exposed skin. Over 50, possibly over 100.

About 20 from my recent trip to the amalfi coast

I donate it for free! :sweat_smile: