Most complained about ads in 2017

TUI should be first

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There’s a tv advert doing the rounds right now where a teenage boy and girl are getting it on and the father comes home. The boy has some gum and is confident enough to introduce himself in his pants. The father first disapproves then is also enamoured with the boy.

It’s a very, very odd message.

Do you think there will be fewer complaints about TV ads in the next few years as only old people actually watch scheduled television?

“Many people found the discussion of going to the toilet unsavoury.”


“Some also felt the portrayal of a same-sex relationship was offensive to their religious beliefs.”

Yeah that creepy little smirk he does at the end like :smirk:

Where did sean’s page fillers on here come?

I, as an infrequent viewer of live television, will wager I am seeing more ads now than at any time in my life

No way to prove this but they are EVERYWHERE

Think the cancer advert is an interesting case. As someone currently dealing with a relative with cancer I do sometimes find it a bit distressing. There’s one in the cinema at the moment with people receiving chemo and I feel a bit like ‘I’ve come to see a film to distract me from this, and now it’s right at the forefront of my mind again’. At the same time I appreciate what Macmillan do and don’t know how I’d advertise differently.

Anyone who can’t hack same sex kissing can absolutely do one however.