Most dedicated/obsessive/passionate music fan you know?

This guy round my way loves Kasabian.

Find folk who are obsessed with one artist a bit off-putting. Especially if they have little in the way of perspective.




Oh I’m small time. I’m guessing none of you have ever met a dedicated 311 fan, they’re on a whole other level.

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Very much this. Saw Half Man Half Biscuit on Friday, fair few blokes there with Dukla Prague away kits or homemade Joy Division oven gloves. Found them quite unnerving to be around tbh.



Why the hmm

No idea why that post was flagged/hmmed. Apologies if I caused any unintentional offence or confusion, whatever the heck it was, but all I meant was just a harmless joke about artists who make “file name” song titles and how they’re a bit harder to visually represent than Dukla Prague away kits, whether Kendrick Lamar (was a very bizarre day four years ago this week when half of these ended up in the UK singles charts:)

Or Aphex Twin, Christ, haha:

(I’ve tried to clear up any confusion with Sean via PM anyway)

It was more about dressing as King Kunta or The Blacker The Berry. Seemed a bit hmm to suggest dressing up as either of those. And I didn’t get the relevance of St Patrick’s Day. EDIT: oh was this in relation to the date released? Sorry I missed that

If you’d really wanted to highlight dressing up as an untitled track it would have been wiser to crop the screenshot accordingly.

I didn’t flag it but I considered doing so.

PS it’s the mods you want to speak to, not Sean.

Oh shit, sorry. :flushed:

I only left the earlier big hits in that screenshot to explain the context better but it’s not like Kendrick needs much introduction on DiS of all forums. And it made it less clear which tracks I meant so people might have instinctively looked at the wrong ones and… y’know… eek. Really, really sorry to anyone who misinterpreted that as dog-whistle racism.


Might do but think I’m done for now. Move on, nothing to see here, but many thanks for clearing this up!

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To get this thread back on the rails, I’ve a mate in his 50s who’s spent 30 years living off 15p instant noodles to follow Hanoi Rocks and similar glam metal bands on every tour.

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i know somebody who posts about oasis every day on facebook

Not sure how many times my mate has now seen Frank Turner, but it must be getting close to 3 figures now.

We were at a beer festival the other day and he was approached by another Frank obsessive because he was wearing some sort of Frank-obsessives badge.

Yeah Frank Turner fans are a different breed, I was one for a couple of years during uni and my Facebook memories from that time are a little bit scary

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@Severed799 seems pretty keen

Idles fans are nearly as bad

Nah music’s shite m9


Anyone who lives in Bristol that says anyone other than Big Jeff is wrong.

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